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do you often have those nights when you’re lying awake in bed struggling to fall asleep ? as i actually very rarely have that problem myself, today i’m bringing you my top tips on how to fall asleep faster than a blink of an eye !

everything from swedish politician, to netflix and chill, to some well needed physical pleasure, working out, and relaxation – whether you need to log off, stress down, read more, or just breathe… i’ve got you covered !

are you maybe even in bed right now trying to fall asleep to some random youtube videos ? if so, give this a go:

nothing can be as frustrating as not being able to sleep, am i right ? if you are sitting on some brilliant tips for falling a sleep yourself, please share with the rest of us !

love // jenny

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  1. Really great tips, I’ll need to try these since I’ve had so much trouble falling asleep lately. I really want to try listening to Swedish politicians lol

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