HOW TO : homemade tahini + my fav salad dressing

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back in stockholm and ready to get back to business !

here’s a recipe i’ve been dying to share with you for two reasons – first of all it’s one of the most versatile ingredients you can keep in your kitchen, and secondly it’s so incredibly easy to make.
and you already know it’s one of my top 5 kitchen favourites. so let’s get to it !

now wasn’t that easy as can be ? scroll down for the recipe for homemade tahini and for the salad dressing in the video.


homemade tahini
500 g / 17 oz sesame seeds ( or however much you want to use )
a generous pinch of salt

– you can make this with regular sesame seeds, but i usually use toasted seeds for the nutty flavour. if you want to toast them beforehand, just pop them in the oven for a few minutes, or toast on medium heat in a dry pan until they start to smell nutty. be careful not to burn them !
– mix seeds and salt in your food processor until completely creamy and smooth. this takes a long time, like 10-20 mins – depending on your processor.
– place in a thoroughly cleaned glass jar and keep in the fridge (i always keep nuts and seeds in a cool place. they last so much longer.)


tahini salad dressing
2 tbsp tahini ( see recipe above )
1 tbsp light soy sauce or tamari
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp coriander / cilantro, finely chopped
1 tsp ginger
a nice dash of white pepper
chili flakes on top
( a minced garlic clove or two is perfect in this dressing too )

– mix all ingredients except the chili flakes in a small bowl until smooth. give it a taste and add more of any seasoning if needed to modify the taste.
– garnish with chili flakes and enjoy on just about any type of salad. will keep in the fridge for a few days.


do you love tahini as much as i do ?
here are some other ways you can use it :
granola3 kalebowl2 3 face masks3
healthiest ever granola / caesar salad with tahini dressing / 3 easy diy face masks

i’m in such a good mood today btw ! thank you so much for the encouragement yesterday ^^

love // jenny

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  1. Hej Jenny! Blötlägger du dina sesamfrön innan du gör tahini? Och kan man isf göra tahinin direkt efter blötläggningen eller måste fröna torka först? Tack för en otroligt fin och inspirerande blogg!

    • tack jonna !!
      nej jag blotlagger inte. men jag brukar for det mesta rosta sesamfrona innan, det blir lite godare :)

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  4. Mary Mclachlan

    I was so excited to make this that it wasn’t until days later I realized I used sunflower seeds instead of sesame seeds!! My mistake, but it turned out to be delightful! Thank you Jenny, love your beautiful food and beautiful films.

  5. Johanna Woodbury

    What I like most is that you actually didn’t add any other oil like most recipes call for.

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