How to Look Good in Every Photo ! // model posing + selfie tips

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here are my top tips on how to feel confident & hella fly in photos !
what are you waiting for, it’s time to level up your insta game !!

i talk about :
– feeling ugly ? it’s not you, it’s lighting !
– should you pose in sunlight / shadows / shade ?
– what time of day, and what is the golden hour ?
– angles and perspective !
– long legs / cool body / flattering poses !
– instagram posing like a pro !
– what is the starfish concept ?
– give face & level up your selfie game !
– the best trick to get that sparkle in your eyes !?

now that you have some social media photography 101 tricks up your sleeve, it’s time to get snapping ! experiment away and have fun !
also, as with all rules, these are meant to be broken. the coolest shots are always the result of going rogue and being a bit off beat.

love // jenny

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