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we are back with another minimalist tips video – this time we discuss how to stop shopping. how to get rid of that craving that makes you want to open that wallet, go on a spending spree, and buy yourself happiness. i think most of us have been indulging in that kind of bad shopping behaviour one time or another !

as minimalists, we don’t want to clutter our space with stuff we don’t need or use or love. so we try to buy things consciously, with a plan. no mindless consuming for us !
if we’re unhappy and want to treat ourselves, we try to find other, more productive, ways to deal with it. like being creative, working on our projects, reading a good book or watching a lovely movie. or eating of course. never underestimate the power of eating ^.^

so if you wish you were buying less, and got rid of those shopping spree cravings, this video is for you !

did you do the thought experiment we talk about in the beginning of the video ? tell us all about it !

wishing you a beautiful sunday ( or whatever it is when you read this ) and take care of yourself, your space, and your wallet. we’re rooting for you !

love // jenny & david

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  1. I’m a recovered shopper myself and very much agree with your advice in this video. These days, I still go over budget sometimes but it’s always on things I love, such as books or swords (I do historical swordfighting)! Apart from the expense, I never regret buying any of these things as they bring me joy for a long time.

  2. I look forward to your videos every sunday when I can have some hygge on a sunday morning with a warm cup of coffee, best thing ever, thank you! From the UK

  3. a month (or even 1,5) ago I bought a sweatshirt which I’m very happy with. A couple of weeks ago – new shampoo and conditioning – also happy.
    I guess I don’t need this video )))

    • James I believe English is not their first language. Therefore, mistakes sometimes happens. Its important to focus on th content and not on the grammar ;)

  4. Katarina Dujmic

    I’ve been following you for some years now and I’ve noticed that you are a lot more sponsored nowadays. And I just want want to ask you if you ever think that it’s problematic to talk about how you should stop shopping when you get most of your belongins for free. Just a thought.
    Thank you for a great blog! I also love your cookbook, It would be great if you ever wrote another one :)

  5. Norma Flores

    I discovered your videos and immediately fell in love with their content! Even if we are complete opposites, I am a 45 year old Latina with husband, kids, and even a dog! But this proves that the topics are universal and can be adapted to different lifestyles, thank you, I look forward to your next post/video.

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