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omg guys, i wrote book !! it’s been a secret for more than a year now so it feels a little unreal to finally reveal it to you all, but here it finally is ! well, not exactly, because it’s still only available to preorder ( i haven’t seen the real copy myself yet ) but at least we can take a look at some digital pages together !
i’m both so proud and so eager to share all about it with you guys.
check out the video where i talk you through the process and content.

pre-order here : WORLDWIDE SHIPPING
US : https://amzn.to/2IJpJrA
UK : https://amzn.to/2JuyIBB
DE : https://amzn.to/2MgpYg8
( and get access to the exclusive pre-order bonus video ! )

i talk about:

  • the release date and how to pre-order !
  • what it’s about – a simplified lifestyle, getting passionate, and the scandinavian way of living !
  • the reasons behind why i wrote it !?
  • how we feel about it : proud, a dream come true, and a lot of hard work !
  • david’s heroic takeover of our entire life and work for the year ?
  • how to get the exclusive bonus video when pre-ordering !

so are you as excited as i am ? i’m so curious to hear what you all think about it !
and like always – thank you guys. you’re sweethearts. without you… yada yada.

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by … ME !
go buy my book why don’t you !

US : https://amzn.to/2IJpJrA
UK : https://amzn.to/2JuyIBB
DE : https://amzn.to/2MgpYg8


  1. Pénélope

    I wait thé brook In french. Please !!!! (I m very bas in english) i try undersand your vidéo, but it is very dificult for me.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Congratulations on your book!
    I preordered!
    But I don’t see how here or in this video how to get the preorder bonus, please let us know

  3. That’s really amazing congrats ! I love your own Style I think that I preorder your book Jenny

  4. Hi, I found your Youtube-channel some weeks ago, and I fell in love with it. Just the visual side of the videos are so satisfying, and also the content and the topics are very interesting and inspiring. I listen to your podcasts too, but I like your videos best, because you always have one topic you focus on in each video, and they are short enough :).
    I think I want to pre-order your book like a present to myself because I turn 19. I hope I’ll like it :D Is it so that I choose the shop-site with the language I understand (English -> UK) and it doesn’t matter which web site I use to shop from? (Because it needs to be shipped to Norway)
    I end this comment with a question: Why do you start your sentences with a small letter here in this blog? It annoys me a little bit.
    Keep going, you are awesome! Hilsen fra Norge!

    • jennymustard

      hej Thea,
      thank you so much ! i would order from the german or uk amazon if you live in norway, the book is only available in english for now so it’s the same edition on all versions of amazon, so it would be more a matter of shipping for you :)

  5. Hey Jenny,
    since a few months I enjoy your youtube channel, your weseite and your blog. Thank you for so much greatful and helpful information about minimalism and vegan life. I preorder your book, and in the past I try to find your book about cooking, but i can`t find it! It is not longer available?
    All the best for you

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