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whenever you express a fascination for style or a will to look good or to have a beautiful home, you get the same type of criticism – that you’re being shallow, superficial, caring about unnecessary flamboyances in a world full of problems, over-materialistic consumerism, poverty, and real issues.

i get that. it’s a valid critique. it’s a discussion worth having. i should know that i’m privileged enough to be able to care about flamboyances in a world so filled to the brim with people without that luxury.

question is this, should i stop enjoying the luxuries my privileged life brings me in solidarity with everyone out there who is having a hard time ?
i used to think so. i used to feel so bad about all the wrongs in this world that i couldn’t enjoy the rights. the beauty. the loveliness. the shallow superficialities that make life pleasant.

it made me miserable. it made me feel guilty about how lucky i was. the misery and guilt i experienced though – did it make life better for anyone else ?

i’ve changed my mind. i now think that not enjoying the good things that come my way would be an inexcusable ungratefulness. i know this makes sense to me – whenever i’ve myself been through a rough patch, i get so confused by people who have succeeded in reaching their goals, but are unable to enjoy it out of fear of seeming stuck up, or spoiled, or full of themselves. because what’s the point of working your ass off to make something out of yourself, if you’re then not allowing yourself to enjoy it ?

i want to be grateful. i want to be humble. i want to do my bit to make this world a better place. but i also want to experience it all – devour as much of this life as i possibly can. i want to dress in beautiful things and taste all the gorgeous flavours the world has to offer. i want to dance with the most beautiful man alive, who i have the luxury to call my own. i want to carefully put on makeup and make my bed with soft linens. put flowers in my windows and toast to the beauty i see.

i want to walk down the street feeling like a stunning creature. and i want to nod my head in recognition to all of you other stunning creatures out there. to you who make an effort. to you who give a damn. to all of you who are grateful. who appreciate. and who wants to experience it all.

this might be shallow. it probably is.
i might be shallow. i probably am.
but you know what ? i’m ok with it.

love // jenny

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  1. Totally lovely <3 I love all the sentiment here. It's so easy to feel guilty about the pleasures we have. I fall into this trap often.

  2. You say you want to make this world a better place, how do you plan to do that?

    • Dianne, I can’t talk for Jenny, but in my vision, we can make the world a better place simply by being grateful, authentic and living with intention. Living in integrity with our very own values creates of a kind of magic field around us, that inspire others to do the same. You radiate something unique that either generate peace or criticism, but eventually, those who were closed at first will grow in awareness and find their own truth. When we own our path and feel good about it, we no longer need to fight others <3

  3. i LOVED THIS thank you so much for sharing this! honestly i dont why the world has to hate on you if you try to do good, have a nice house or style like wHY this helped me a lot:)

  4. Sylvie Cattafesta

    Every time a beautiful human reaches his /her potential it is a step towards a better world.
    I believe Jenny to be doing just that day after day

  5. Thank you for this Jenny <3
    The best way to honour life is by embracing all of it's beauty and goodness.

  6. I think Jenny exemplifies how we can each make a difference in our own way and feel good about the beauty around us. There are those who will dedicate their lives to helping the poor or those who will donate their income. But Western society is the largest consumer of retail goods. Jenny uses her purchasing power to make a difference. The more people who look for socially conscious purchasing, the more companies will learn there is a consumer market for it. That is a huge way we can all make an impact while still enjoying the good things in life. Go Jenny!

  7. Dear Jenny:

    The quality I love the most and think is more important than anything else, is kindness. Some would say “love,” but I’ve witnessed cruelty expressed in the name of love. For me, it is kindness that wins every time, and it’s a quality you espoused and exhibit.

    My style-loving mother and I discussed you the other day. You are chic and interesting and wear cool clothes so well….but it’s your spirit that shines out. I don’t think kind people can be shallow. Loving and appreciating the wonderful gifts we are given (and what could be better than a partner with whom you are happy?) is, in a sense, an act of kindness in itself. Being thankful for what life and work or even “just” serendipity have given you is showing God, the universe, life – whatever you want to call it – is a form of repricosity. (This is very spontaneous so not a well-crafted thought.)

    Anyway, you have brought a special little light into my life in the short time I’ve been following you.

    Thank you for that.

  8. I’m so 100% with you on this one, Jenny! Being miserable doesn’t help anyone. Buying ethically, going vegan, caring about waste and the environment, and spreading happy, loving vibes does.

  9. I seriously got goosebumps reading this. Thank you, Jenny. Thank you for the reminder that it’s ok to enjoy life when you worked so hard for something. Let’s make this world a better place. Together.

  10. I struggle with that feeling too sometimes, feeling guilty for what i have when others dont. But i dont think its fair to have to feel bad about your life and not enjoy it because of these thoughts. Like you said jenny, its important to do your part, but also to enjoy yourself! I appreciate this post. Thank you :)

  11. I am full of words, but I can´t find a beginning. I can´t find the way to tell you, how I feel about your words. So I just believe in your Intuition, that will get the feeling. I thank you Jenny.

  12. Guys you got to talk about this and being greatfull at the podcast

  13. Very good points and something I thank you for saying out loud (or writing it down).
    Sometimes the shame that comes with privileges is very often looked down and not even dressed at all. So thank you again!
    I just loved this post<3

  14. keep doing what you do, we, the less organized creatures, need you like air :-)
    I would certainly go for this 2, maximum 3 colors wardrobe. the thing is i find black a bit too harsh on my warm complexion. have to come up with some other colors :-)
    thank you for this blog and your insightful videos!

  15. Hi, this ist definitly your style. I haven`t found it yet, but I still searching for a wardrobe for me tall girl. First I declutered a lot and now I have to save up money for my new wardrobe. So I have some time to think about what adapt to me. . Or sew something, but the “easy” or “comfy” looking style need to have a high quality in the fabric itself. This will be a nice journey I think

  16. I found you on Youtube searching “Minimalist” a week ago, and I think I have watched almost all of your channel already. I really like your way to live, your way to tell people who you are and how you live. One of my morning habit is watching your channel eating breakfast, which is my favorite time in a day:)

    Serous issue is surrounding our life like eveyrwhere and I also feel guilty what I have sometimes, which stresses me out badly. But you are totally right. Everyone wants to have good life and wants to be grateful. I want to respect my self and want to pursue my happiness. It does not mean that I am going to neglect the world’s issue but it means I am going to make a compromise to make our place better and to be who I am. I am 21 from today, I am finishing my education curriculum in foreign country, and I will go back to my home country. I will start my new life from April but whatever happens, I am gonna say “I am ok with it.”

    You, Jenny, inspire me a lot!!

  17. Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends. But I think luxury is more like an attitude. You are what you wear; You are what you eat. So just keep your mind and let them go. It’s your style.

  18. Shallow is one thing and miserable is another ..I don’t think you are shallow -the contrary! the balance is important ,between spirit and matter.. you are awsome ! inspiring woman

  19. Jenny, you are such an inspiring and smart person. Your questions and opinions always hit me in a certain way and make me think a lot. Thanks for that :)
    I think it is not a crime to enjoy and sink into every lovely thing, opportunity or moment. They are blessings.

  20. Shallow or deep is first and foremost a metric system to describe measurable things such as river, a sea, a pond.
    On the other hand using such words in a meaning beyond their original meaning of metric system they are being used methaphorically. Also, loving beauty, trying to be beautiful are all DEEP THINGS, since beauty is ingrained in human beings and directly connected with self image and self confidence. Beauty is deep, not shallow! Beauty affects how you feel about yourself, your body also makes you, it affects how you perceive yourself, that’s why you feel better when you dress nicely and look good, there is nothing shallow about it! You can be the best doctor in the world, read thousands of books,, and still love fashion and style and beauty also!
    People who moralize to others and tell them they’re shallow are not deep people just because they called others shallow. :D You know. They’re not deeper then you because they perhaps dress in a dirty and ugly clothes. :D How are they deeper? Where are they deeper? :D They’re self deluded.
    Also loving beauty, fashion and loving being surrounded with beauty doesn’t make you neither deep nor shallow, it doesn’t make you anything, it makes you perfectly normal human, DEEP ENOUGH!!!
    We as humans are homo sapiens, we’re not ghosts, we’re humans, we don’t have to be deep as fuck, we have to be real, and believe me no one is deeper then someone else, we’re all deep enough and deep equally.

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