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this week it’s all about our theories on boredom and how all the world’s problems can be linked back to it. we’ve got some interesting ideas !

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we talk about :
– is the founder of IKEA a nazi ?
– bored teenagers !
– kids that like to burn things !
– why do people start wars ?
– why is american politics interesting ?
– why are powerful people petty ?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week it’s all about a seven year old girl that runs away and goes on an adventure.

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love // jenny & david

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  1. Tidying my shared student apartment in the Hague while listening to your lovely voices. Been looking forward to it all day :)))
    btw these pictures are ones of your most gorgeous shots I think, so stunning!!!

  2. Would you consider boredom more like a symptom or aftermath of terrible events in life? Something happened or changed and one feels life can be utterly out of control and it is hard to believe in purposes, meanings, or causality. Life is just from birth to demise and what matters is what you do in between, but for what to do and what you want to do you have not yet figured out. I guess because I am not very ambitious, or career-/profit-driven. I thought I wanted to be an art historian/writer. But what is history? Loving your discussion of Hitler, he was once a very bored and frustrated and failed art student. What should we do with our lives? Thank you so much for all you two have been doing.

  3. I loved this episode a lot.
    It is pyromaniac by the way hehe. The word for a person who loves to be a pyro.

    By the way, I was looking on Ikea online today because I am going to be getting a new rug for our boys’ bedroom (we have had the same one for ten years and it has throw up stains and poop stains from when our boys were babies…fun stuff) and you know what? They had a video attached to it explaining how they help people who are rug artisans in India make a living. It was really neat.

  4. Hi is this where we comment on the podcasts?? I love your podcasts! I am a follower on YouTube but recently I have gotten really into the podcast especially when I am traveling or doing chores – it always makes me smile! You two could talk about anything and I would still enjoy it! And I love all the rants haha! XOXO from Florida

  5. Also I totally agree with you about boredom! Right now I have a seasonal job at Target, a retail store in the US (I don’t know if you guys have it) and I am learning about all of the petty theft that occurs. For example, last week there was a lady going around taking coupons off of some packages of chicken (ones that had to be sold right away) and putting it on the package of chicken that she preferred. *eye roll* Another time I purchased some pore cleansing strips – a pack of 14. When I got home, there were only 9 strips in the package. Like, seriously??? I say it all the time – I can’t believe people are THIS bored and HAVE NO LIFE I feel so embarrassed for them. Anyway thanks so much for the discussion!

  6. I think the best word is probably not boredom because if you do any kind of activity you can easily stop being bored but still feel extremely frustrated for feeling like not having a purpose and not making some kind of difference in the world , so i think the real problem is feeling “useless” or “unimpactful” :D

    Cultural imperialism is ABSOLUTELY a thing over which people are fighting nowadays and linked to globalization…and I was studying about it a month ago ahahah :D

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