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recently, all we ever seem to do is bash social media. complain about all the annoying things, fret over how fake people are online, and worry about the problematic and downright scary aspects of it. and that’s all well and good, but i think the discussion needs to be a bit more balanced.

social media is like everything else – you’ve got the bad stuff and you’ve got the good stuff. no point in only focusing on the negative aspects. that seems a bit unfair don’t you think?
so i’m standing up in defence for instagram, tumblr, pinterest, youtube and all the rest of them. because let’s face it – social media is here to stay, we just need to figure out a way to deal with it.

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love // jenny

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these pics are taken at the getty museum in LA – my favourite place in all of the city.

i’m wearing :
top and dress* from monki
trousers* from mint & berry
vagabond sandals* from their non-animal collection
diesel watch*

*press gift product


  1. I enjoyed the layout of this video. Very personal touch. :)

  2. Nice approach, Jenny! I also prefer to share more of the beautiful parts of life, I think my contribution to the world should be something that improves it, makes it better, funnier, prettier. I don’t ignore the ugly and the bad, but I do enjoy more to browse websites as yours, clean, fresh and inspiring. The comparison with the musicians is perfect!

  3. All I want to do is give you LOT’S of complements. I’ve recently found you on You Tube and I am absolutely sure that you are the greatest bloggers I’ve ever seen! It sounds so common, but it’s true. I admit. I hope you continue give this pleasure to see your videos&photos, great content and enjoy this cosy home atmosphere.
    p. s. Sorry for possible faults, I am just learning english.

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