MINIMALISM : how to become a minimalist | 5 things you should know

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the minimalist lifestyle really seem to both attract and confuse a lot of people. it’s not hard to understand why – a simple life filled with clarity, focus and calm, who wouldn’t want that ?

but how does it work ? what constitutes as a minimalist ? what do i have to do to join the club ?

you have asked – i’m trying to answer.

now as i say in this video – i’m no expert on minimalism. there are no experts on minimalism. because this is not an exclusive movement of likeminded people. we all make up our own version of the concept. and in my opinion, that’s how it should be. no leaders. no followers. no rules. no program you have to buy into.
just you, your thoughts, your ideas, your life.

let me know if any other questions pop up, and i’ll be happy to try to address them. in my way. which might not be your way. and that’s fine.

love // jenny

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  1. Hi. Is it possible to receive only your posts? When I signed up
    For blog lovin I’m now getting a bunch of stuff that I’m not interested in. I follow other minimalists that have their own websites and send out just their own posts. For me excess email is one area I want to keep minimal :)

    • Yes!! I second that so much. I actually cancelled my subscription to bloglovin because they are just *so* annoying. First I unsubscribed from all blogs except this one, and then whenever I came back to your page, Jenny, a pop-up box covered the blog, which would only close by me re-subscribing to all the other crap!

  2. Poppy Booth

    I love your eyeshadow! I would love to see a list of what makeup you use, it always looks amazing. Also I love your blog :)

  3. I’m curious about why you have chosen to not have kids. I am contemplating this myself. I love how mimimal my life is without them. Thank you.

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