MINIMALISM : how to stop being lazy & get productive

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like i say in the video – this issue is quite personal to me. going from feeling like i’m super lazy, to seeing myself as one of the most productive people ever, i know how it can feel to be stuck in a productive rut. not knowing where or how to spend you energy, and getting quite low in the process.

so today i’m sharing a few tricks i’ve picked up during these last 4 or 5 years, and i hope that asking yourself these questions can help get you into productivity mode.

have some tips of your own ? please share !

in my opinion, there’s no better feeling than being creative and productive. it’s one of the biggest reasons that i can call myself a happy person. it’s about creating the life that i want for myself, feeling like i’m fulfilled and satisfied with my place in the world. i hope you’re feeling the same !

need some help getting organised ? check out my ‘how to plan your day’ video.


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that’s it people ! now get into gear ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. Do I have tips? Hey, I’m a Coach, so of course I do!
    First of all, everything you say there in the video is amazing. The most important point is to have a sense of purpose because that keeps up motivation and also helps with not-so-hot tasks that just *need* to be done. Best explanation of finding purpose I have ever seen is Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “Start with Why” (google it!) :-)
    Once you work on your purpose, I believe in setting short- and medium-term goals to work towards. Track your progress and regularly review your goals, there’s nothing wrong with dropping one that has stopped feeling meaningful, or adding new ones along the way.
    Alright, I’ll shut up now ;-) Brilliant video, hugs!!

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  2. Loved the video. I find myself not having a problem to be productive ( so i think), but having a problem of beeing consistant, because i’m still finding my purpose.

  3. Everything you said (Sibylle too) is the key to success, in every way, and that applies to all in a pluralistic society. Ex: You can have an ascetic, or hedonist philosophy, and still be (must) have a sense if purpose, be productive, and goal-oriented, to lead to excellence in life, or success. How you go about it, is a little different, but it’s the same road, so to speak.
    It has always being pressed upon me, as a daughter, student, friend, to have a purpose, goal, and endeavor to produce. Difference from others, is I grew up with this “work ethic” that really isn’t supposed to be fun, but I enjoyed the hard work.
    Thank you, Jenny, for another great vid.
    BTW, I need a ritual too! ;)

  4. SUCH a helpful video, Jenny! I am always looking to simplify my life and to find new projects, but it can be really hard when I’m bombarded with work and things that I have to do but I don’t want to do. I just try to make that work more pleasurable somehow, get it done fast and move on to something that will actually fulfill my soul!

  5. Hi jenny! I think you (and my lovely fellows followers of your beautiful sould) would find “deep work” by Cal Newport an enlightening lecture. To me, it has been such a powerful wake up call and a life-changing experience and it really goes along very well with your minimalistic (the way you intend the term) philosophy and your gentle, relaxed approach to life.
    here’s the link to Cal’s page about his book ( ) and a general introducing post about the whole thing ( )
    I really hope you’ll find it someway interesting as a general philosophy beside the impact it has on our productivity (which by personal experience is *great*)
    cheers from Rome,

  6. Great tips and advice.
    It is true that we all need to create a ritual to build a productive habit. And goals and to-do list are great tools to keep us motivated. Thanks for this great sharing. :)

  7. Hi
    This is something that’s really an issue for me. I’d love to watch your vid (especially as its been recommended by so many!) but I’m hearing impaired. Don’t suppose you have a transcript of what you say in it do you?
    Donna x

    • hey donna !
      sorry i don’t have a transcript (don’t have time to make them), but if you click the cc button on the video, it will have the automatic subtitles. they will get me wrong sometimes though cause of my accent i guess >_< but better than nothing ? btw, i'm getting a lot of traffic to this particular post today, and i'm not sure why. do you mind sharing who/ where you saw it recommended ? i'm just a little curious :) happy sunday <3

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