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after a bunch of requests from you guys – here is an updated minimalist apartment tour. brought to you directly from our modern berlin flat.
is it still empty, white, bright, and clutter-free ? has the echo gone down ? have we managed to keep our home organised or have we become hoarders ? let’s find out !

i talk about :
– how the place has changed since we moved in 1.5 years ago ?
– lessons i’ve learnt as a minimalist ?
– the not so simplified aspects – our fridge and bathroom !
– why we don’t have artwork ?
– our home cinema !
– interior decoration tips : mirrors, fresh flowers, design !
– my best tips for keeping a modern and white minimalist home look homely !

do you guys share any of our interior sense of style or would you get stressed out by all the white ?

love // jenny

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  1. Your apartment is so clean and fresh. My partner and I are trying to find a balance between my love of white/natural tones and his leanings towards fun bright colors.

  2. I love your apartment! You inspired me to begin my minimalist journey and are one of my new role models!

  3. I really like it!
    I am just writing coursework in cultural studies on the theme of minimalism in interior design. Minimalism is a modern interpretation of the ancient oriental style. His motto: the rejection of the necessary in favor of the most necessary. Minimalism is characterized by the lack of decor as such and the search for ideal proportions, new color solutions.
    The basic idea of minimalism – the coordinated transformation of the material and ways of organizing it – deliberately emphasizes that the objects of art should be phenomena that seem familiar, ordinary.

  4. Grace Kreuser

    The comfort of having only what you need. Needless to say, your home is mesmerizing! – Dying to know where the tea cup in the first image is from, Vintage?

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