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this is such a highly requested video, you guys always have so many questions about traveling and enjoying new places as a minimalist. i’m happy to share some of my favourite travel tips in collaboration with the most comfort-causing sponsor out there – MeUndies.

i talk about everything from planning the trip in a simple and organised way ( hello to-do lists ! ), and how to make the actual travel day exciting and lovely instead of just horrible ( hello comfortable travel outfit and favourite snacks ! ), to packing and unpacking your bag ( organisation is key ! ), and how to get the most out of the destination your traveling to ( meeting the locals ! ).

let’s take a look !

is the travel outfit as comfy as it looks you ask ?
to be honest – even comfier, i’m going to live in my loungewear from now on. i also got both the cheeky briefs and the thong, and they fit perfectly. no more cutting in ! you can also order all underwear as a 6-pack, to really level up your minimalist packing game.
MeUndies’ products are produced from sustainably sourced micromodal, a fabric actually made from beechwood trees !
for all of you out there asking for more fair fashion tips – MeUndies are produced in los angeles, turkey, and sri lanka, working with factories paying their employees fair wages and caring for good working conditions. you can read more about their production here.

as mentioned in the video, i have a discount code for you !
get 20% off your first order by using this link : and get a lovely delivery that will make your next travel day ( or whatever day ) so much more comfortable.

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by MeUndies. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. Älskar du challenge ?
    Jag vet du fashion men prova en resa att ni endast ha en resväska du har halva sidan och din pojkvän halva sidan
    Jag brukar resa så här med min förälder
    Nu ska jag själv på en resa till Japan i 2 veckor bara med en dags ryggsäck
    Ska bli jätte spännande om man klarar det

  2. slowly but surely becoming obsessed with minimalism.
    I’ve always been obsessed with minimal interiors but about time I started putting it to action!
    perfect travel hacks!

    Aesthetic Mind | Personal Fashion & Style Blog

  3. That jumper looks so comfy! That is one of the most important things when travelling for sure! I wrote a blog post on my tips for minimalist weekend away packing and the outfit combinations you can create with a limited number of simple and chic clothes. I would definately consider packing a jumper like that!

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