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my favourite minimalist gift ideas ! to all your loved ones who don’t want anything special this christmas. and to all of you who’ve decided to step out of the holiday consumerist hectic-ness, or looking to save some money this season. i’ve got you covered guys !

my personal favourite on this list is probably the gift of a whole day. this is something david gives me quite often, and few things relaxes me as much as just taking the backseat and letting him drag me around town. he knows what i like so i’m always so pleased. but no one can say no to some homemade vegan xmas treats or DIY spa products ! giving someone you love something completely decadent and luxurious, like a lush massage oil or bath salt is a lovely way to go simple with your gifting.

what do you think, what’s your favourite minimalist christmas present ideas and holiday money saving hacks ?

love // jenny

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  1. Over a year ago when it was my birthday, I just wanted a bath bomb and to take a bath. We live in a small apartment where there is only a stand-in-shower. I hadn’t had the luxury of sitting in a bathtub for 8 years, which I prefer baths over showers. I was able to go to my parents’ house and take a bath with my bath bomb, and it was wonderful. That is probably my favorite present ever. We don’t really exchange or do gifts (even with our kids).

  2. Hi Jenny, hi David,

    Ho, ho, ho, you certainly got me into the Christmas mood. Thanks for sharing your gift ideas for minimalists, I’m all with you. :)

    The Jane Goodall Institute is also a great charity to support:

    I can also recommend the cookbook Vegan Cuisine by Jean-Christian Jury. I know it’s not a very minimalist way of thinking to gift a book, but I think that this one’s really a keeper and the most comprehensive cookbook out there: 500 recipes, 800 pages!

    God Jul!

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