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a couple of months ago i stumbled across boutique homes – a website dedicated to hand-selecting gorgeous vacation homes to rent, and small hotels to visit, on your next trip. they have a collection of both apartments, whole houses and hotel rooms, but be warned – scrolling through the site will cause instant wanderlust in the best of us.

the reason i got in touch with them was that i found a house called casa solo pezo, that i completely fell in love with and just had to see with my own eyes. said and done, boutique homes hooked us up with a 2 night stay in the spanish mountains. and while at it, they booked us a night at el palauet in barcelona and a few nights at la favia during milan fashion week.
( btw, this post is not a paid collaboration with boutique homes, but they did get us discounted prices and complimentary stays. )

david strutting his stuff at el palauet.

my three favourite things about the site :
1. having a site with hand-picked places to choose from instead of having to rummage through the whole of internet in search of cool places to stay. i can’t even count the amount of hours we’ve spent searching online for nice photo locations and places to stay when on holiday. and often, when you show up to the hotel or apartment you’ve rented, it looks very different in real life. the stamp of approval that a site like this can offer is such a time saver ( and disappointment protection ).

2. the properties and hotel rooms on the site are often surprisingly budget-friendly. sure, it normally costs more to rent a whole house than a hotel room, but considering that the house might fit up to eight people, the price really comes down to very reasonable ( or even cheaper than hotels ) when sharing with a couple of friends. i’m looking at a house right now from €160 per night that sleeps 8 people, just saying.

3. it’s great interior design inspo just browsing boutique homes. since david and i are always planning what our future dream house will look like, it’s a mouthwatering treat to hang out on the site and get some ideas.

i’m feeling luxurious at el palauet.
we stayed in one of their gorgeous and fun suites in the centre of barcelona. oh, and they had a rooftop jacuzzi and sauna ( but we just stayed in, cooked dinner, and drank cava in the bathtub ).

below : the magnificence that is casa solo pezo, an amazing project by christian bourdais. i’ve never seen anything quite like it !
we will have a video up on sunday with a house tour of this place btw, that you just have to see.

the evening we arrived it was a kickass thunderstorm, so after driving through the mountains for 2 hours, we came to the house with a panoramic view of the lightning spectacle over the mountains. it was such an overwhelming view that we had a hard time even taking it all in. this is what the place looks like in daylight though. it was impossible to take even one bad shot of the place.

yes, that is a roofless indoors pool ( the rooms of the house are built in a square around the pool ).
all the windows of the house are like sliding walls you can open up to get the impression that you’re outdoors while sleeping or cooking or netflixing.

david enjoying a cuppa at la favia.
we stayed three nights in one of their lovely and quirky rooms, and a big plus is that the room had a little kitchen so that we could cook ( something we’re always looking for when renting rooms ). the location was perfect, the staff super friendly ( made sure to get us some nice vegan things for breakfast ) and they had a number of very cute outdoors spaces to chill in.

so there you go. take a look at boutique homes and thank me later !

love // jenny

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  4. I am totally in love with the photos on your site. They are really incredible! Also, thank you for sharing the resource for renting places to live during vacations! I look forward to booking some place as well and to have similar adventure! Thank you for sharing this great experience!

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