my free printable calendar 2019

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hello january ! sorry for being mega late, but here it is finally – like every year, a fresh printable calendar for 2019 to get the year off to a clean start.

i’m coming back online after mine and davids xmas blackout so i hope you don’t mind its a few days into january already (seems like you’ve been quite annoyed with me tho lol). does the first week of january count anyway !? 

david and i took the holiday weeks off to watch films, eat vegan fudge and enjoy the peace that came from unplugging – (netflix excluded obviously). i’m feeling energetically restored and ready to go ! well, kind of. i’m super excited for the new year tho, especially moving to london again, hollar ! hope you are feeling 2019 too ?

here’s the calendar ! enjoy you guys <3 


love // jenny 

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  1. Thank you for the calendar Jenny. Happy New Year and safe travels to London. X
    Just a short post script letting you know that my grandson Oscar who is vegan loves your treats. It’s so special as his mema to be able to make him what we call collectively ‘jennymustards’ puss puss x

  2. Jorja Slyfield

    Love it very simple, love you jenny I hope I caneet u when ur in London maybe in march

  3. Sarka Farstad

    Hi Jenny,i am Sarka Farstad from Czech Republic and i like u so much. Can u pls send me foto your flat? U are my big motivation!!! Thank u. Have nice day.

  4. Love your free printable calendars! Are you going to be putting out the printable 2020 soon? I love to plan ahead! We use them at home and where I work!

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