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spring is in the air and nothing can be more inspiring than that. and i intend to share a few of the things that most inspire and entertain me at the moment. prepare to get springified !

1. mineral makeup
why have i never tried this before ?
recently i’ve been sent press samples from both organic make and hiro cosmetics. it’s perfect to spring since they’re so light and airy on your face. the fresh-faced look is so big at the moment, and will just continue on in summer of course.

2. @phoebesoup
i just found maybe the loveliest instagrammer alive. follow her for monochrome minimalist heaven, with cute splashes of pink everywhere. as you know, pink is normally not my kind of colour, but this girl knows how to make even me a pink-lover. seriously innovative and meticulously planned photos. big applause !

3. zone denmark
zone recently sent me some lovely white props to style my bathroom with. bathrooms only look nicer and cleaner the more white you add. plus, the shape of these sweeties are hella cute right ?

4. noname
stumbled upon this artist on spotify the other week. perfect mellowness, i love having it in the background when i work. it reminds me of the hip hop / rnb i used to listen to back in the day as a teen. super chill. tbh though, i haven’t listened carefully enough to get the lyrics, so can’t say anything about those… ^.^

5. weirdly flavoured popcorn
we rediscovered popcorn a while back. here’s the trick though – you have to spice the hell out of them !
these are my fav flavour combos.
– herby garlic : salt, garlic powder, dried oregano, nutritional yeast
– curry corns : salt, curry spice mix

6. big little lies
we’ve watched the first few episodes of this HBO series, and how good is it !? it has that perfect balance of entertainment and looks. so go watch it. also, got nothing but serious love for reese whitherspoon. she’s such a boss.

7. the gym
oh my, you guys ! where has the gym been all my life ?
i know where – it’s been deeply buried by all the excuses i’ve been coming up with. if you think you wouldn’t like the gym, just like i did, then i encourage you to try it – it might surprise you ! just go slow and don’t hurt yourself. we all have a pace and a limit within our bodies are comfortable.
we now go 5 days a week, and the other 2 are kind of boring to me. i love waking up early with the gym bag all packed, grabbing a banana and a boy, and getting out the door. who would have ever thought !?

love // jenny

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  1. Thanks for sharing Noname, I’ve got it playing now on Spotify and it hit me like TLC immediately, very cool! And popcorn is our top fave snack + all the nooch, it’s punchy with smoked paprika and nooch too!

  2. I think I should get back into the gym! I was going regularly for a while and I LOVED it, but then i got very sick in January for several weeks and I couldn’t go to the gym for pretty much the whole month… and by the end of it i was out of the habit.

    I now need to find my motivation to go again. I loved it a lot before, so I think I need to get off my ass and go.

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