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david and i teamed up with zürich tourism to check out their 11 day festival food zürich. we were there for 3 days and here’s what we got up to.

neither david nor i had ever before visited zürich, but we had heard a lot about how pretty it is. the city didn’t disappoint – it’s so picturesque and clean and extremely cute. all the water in the city center makes such a difference, and it was super cosy to take walks along the riverside. it reminded us of sweden quite a lot actually – with the calm clean streets, all the water everywhere, and the old-school buildings. what gives zürich an exotic touch for us swedes is the surrounding mountains ( hills ? ).

just look at it :

we stayed at the newly opened the yard boutique hotel in the city centre. super friendly staff ( seriously really helpful ! ), cosy rooms, and at a great location.

my cute lil’ workstation one morning at the hotel.

before opening hours at the yard bar and restaurant beneath our hotel room.

now let’s talk the yummy stuff – we of course tried a lot of great vegan food, sweets, and drinks during our stay.
on our first night we went to the marriott for an aperitif in their super chic tunnel ( used by staff to get the food back and forth ). the event was really amazing, and although they didn’t have any vegan food prepared, the kitchen made some lovely little dishes for me and david to try out. also, the wine was lovely !

but the location and above-and-beyond sweet staff was the main reason i had such a great time. sorely needed after a day of stressing at the airport.

our second day we went to another super lovely place ( one of my favourite things on the whole trip ) – the hiltl roof terrace. again with the lovely staff ! switzerland really seem to have a very kind and sweet population ( i’m looking at you, berlin! ) and the hygge-factor of this place was through the roof, no pun intended.

we tried some small things with our drink, since we were having dinner elsewhere later. david of course went straight for the dessert section and tried everything from cookies to vegan mango mousse (?) so he was pleased. hiltl isn’t all vegan, but has a lot of vegan options. it’s like a buffet where they weigh your plate and charge by the weight.

bae. he’s such a stone cold fox, this one. all smart-looking in his brand new ultra hot coat.

our final day, another food highlight : beetnut. they have bowls, salads, and brunch stuff. i got the buddha bowl i think it was called ? with smoked tofu, kale, brown rice and all them veggies. after 3 days of heavy eating , it was so nice to have more the type of food that we normally have at home to make the tummy happy ^.^

my bowl at beetnut. david had a mexican style one, which was also crazy delicious. 

if you checked out my insta stories from the trip, you might have seen that we took a trip to the taucherli chocolate factory and learned how to go from bean to bar. we also had dinner at marktküche, a vegan fine dining restaurant, with cosy decor and great wine. everyone we’ve talked to love the food at this place, but it was too heavy and not spicy enough for me and david. but you know us – we’re very picky with the freshness factor !

me enjoying the gorgeous streets of the city. and enjoying david’s new coat ( i’m gonna steal it everyday. )

i’m wearing :
david’s cos coat
adpt sweater*
monki dress and trousers
charlie feist backpack*
jane koenig earrings*
watch* from squarestreet

( *press sample )

i mean, come on zürich, we already know you’re pretty. you’re just showing off with that airport of yours. competing with oslo airport for the no1 spot eh ?
berlin tegel never looked so dull as when arriving late last night ^.^

what a fun few days this was ! we definitely didn’t have enough time to explore the city, so we have to go back soon. it seems to be a very trendy city, which means lots of vegan places and organic and hip little shops and cafes. so it definitely gets a vegan-friendly approval, as far as cities go.

thanks so much for having us zürich, and to all you swiss people who sent us your best recommendations and welcoming messages. we felt right at home !

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by zürich tourism. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. havent been to zurich in ages, sounds like a good weekend get away!
    if it just wasn’t that expensive…

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