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we’re safely back in berlin after a relaxing and funny 10 day trip to good old sweden !

we talk about :
– being stared at in a small seaside town !
– our adventure in a countryside general store !
– why we keep on going back ?
– is the weather really as bad as they say ?
– the utter pleasure of going to a swedish supermarket !
– why the old swedish people are so scared of bulgarians and wild boar  !?

pic of cute stockholm seaside town

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week we teach you how to behave in the swedish countryside – the trick being to be polite but never friendly if you want the locals to like you !

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love // jenny & david

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at the airport

crazy beautiful swedish nature


  1. Amazing photos and nice outfit! I can’t wait to listen to the Podcast! :)

  2. Kiyana Newell

    This kind of reminds me of small rural towns in America lol. My dad is older and from the country, he says ridiculous stuff similar to that all the time. Im glad you guys had a a funny time in Sweden!

  3. angelica johansson

    Lyssnade på er podcast. Den var riktigt kul att lyssna på. Älskar er humor och att höra hur ni ser på Sverige när ni blivit mer distanserade till landet. ^^

    Ps: Älghorn kallas “antlers”.

  4. Barbara Löfgren

    Just loved the podcast! My husband is Swedish and this made me long to go back. We live in New Zealand now, so can’t just pop over the Oresund bridge like we did when we lived in Copenhagen. On crisps…found some Swedish dill crisps in Auckland last week – they were the best! Thanks so much for this podcast!

  5. “Well, Copenhagen, touche..” – so funny. Love your sense of humour, Jenny.

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  7. Hello from Russia, we can totally relate to a “great summer with +20 C in July” :D but I love it!
    Btw, lots of things you tell about Sweden are so familiar to my Russian ear) Love your podcasts!

  8. Haloo! it’s so funny you mentioned Bali in this podcast,,I’m from Indonesia which Bali is one of our island.,and yess its so famous due to its rich culture and a destination for honeymoon-ers.
    I thinks it also famous because of Balinese massage that so good yet so cheap! If you are not keen on beach like me, you can also visit Ubud, which located in the upper side of the island and near the mountain..hopefully you can consider it as one of your bucket list for traveling! :)

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