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i know many have been asking, so it’s finally time for a q & a you guys ! i asked you to go bananas with all of your questions relating to relationships and here are my answers :

i talk about:

  • online dating – good or bad ?
  • what about distance relationships ?
  • how to keep the spark ?!
  • same sex attraction ?
  • being sensitive and how to deal with it in a relationship !
  • how to heal a broken heart !

do you have any clever tips when it comes to relationships to share with us ? i’d be so curious to hear your thoughts !

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny, I know I’m a bit too late for Q&A, bu please, tell me how (and where) to find a vegan boyfriend?!


    PS Thank you for daily inspiration!

  2. Hello Jenny and David :) On your next relationship q&a I would love love love to hear your wisdom on getting along with your in-laws! How do you navigate boundaries when family members don’t understand your lifestyle and choices. Cheers! You two are beautiful and always make my day a little brighter :)

  3. Hi guys,

    I love you so much – your viewpoint is always so refreshing and intelligent. If you would help me with my situation I will be so grateful – it’s making me almost cry just trying to type it. My relationship with my boyfriend is pretty uneven – – I’m always the one who texts first, or asks about making plans, and I’m always interested in him and his life but he doesn’t ask about me. He says he loves me but the feeling I get is that I’m just disposable to him and that he doesn’t actually care about me. What should I do? Some people say to not message to make him feel my absence and other people say I should tell him that I want him to pay more attention to me but neither solution feels right. Thank you xoxoxo

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