RECIPE : easiest ever 3 ingredient chocolate mousse

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this is what i had for lunch today. the hard life of a food blogger eh ?

it’s my 3 ingredient chococolate mousse – one of the simplest desserts of all time. or in this case, lunch.
gluten-free, nut-free, oil-free and of course vegan and super healthy !

don’t like bananas ? switch it up with avocados or silken tofu instead. i’ve never tried it with fresh dates, but should work too – just skip the soaking part.


i always like serving chocolate with something fresh, like berries, fruits, herbs. today we had the mousse with tons of frozen berries, pear slices, and basil. a bit of cinnamon, chilli or sea salt in the mix won’t hurt non either !


3 ingredient chocolate mousse
serves 2
3 large, or 4 small, bananas
1 cup of dried pitted dates ( about 10-15 depending on which kind of dates )
about 4 tbsp cacao

– soak the dates in cold water for about 1 hour, to make it easier on the blender. if your dates are quite soft, you can skip this part.
– mix bananas, dates and cacao in a blender or food processor until completely smooth. give it a taste and add more of anything if needed.
– pour into glasses or serving bowls. i like placing the glasses in the freezer for a bit to chill and let set a little. completely optional, it’ll be totally yummy straight out of the blender too.

serving suggestion :
frozen berries. fruits, like pears or apples, or shredded orange peal. fresh strawberries. herbs like mint or basil. spice it up with cinnamon, a dash of chilli, or a sprinkle of sea salt !


ok that’s it kiddos – now go into that kitchen and make your own !
you can thank me later.

love // jenny

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  1. question: when you use frozen berries do you actually eat them… frozen?

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  5. Is there a substitute you would recommend for dates? I don’t think they’re available where I live.

    • Hi Nastassja! It won’t have the same taste but, in case dried figs are more available in your area (as they are in mine), you can use those as well because they have the same effect as dates :) You’ll still need to soak them up!!

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