RECIPE : pink power plum porridge

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today i made this for david for lunch. i served it like this, very cute with the plum and coconut garnish.
he takes a small bite and goes like ‘i don’t think i can eat this, there’s some kind of spice in it i don’t like’ – and has oat milk with muesli instead. i’m speechless.

so if you want to try this recipe, feel free to skip the ground clove, a.k.a. david kryptonite.

but he’s still on my plus side after yesterday of course. if you read my latest blog post you already know he woke me up with a beautiful surprise breakfast telling me we’re taking a day off. so we started the day watching a documentary about film editing (yep nerds), and then got going. first getting lunch from a food truck i’ve been dying to try, called mögel (swedish for mold), which has homemade tempeh burgers in a sourdough rye bread, with fermented veggies and a nut yogurt sauce. yum !

we took the burgers with us to a botanical garden north of stockholm called bergianska trädgården. after that we went central and had a kombucha and a lucuma energy ball at matapoteket. then a long walk and some window shopping, ending the day at the cinema of course. i really needed that. working is so much fun, but rebooting is important. i forget that easily.
i know a lot of people say this, but in my case it’s actually true – i’ve got the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.

although we … i mean i – had this for lunch, it would of course be perfect for breakfast. that dark pink colour from the beets is just beautiful isn’t it ?


pink power plum porridge
serves 2
200 ml / 0.8 cups oats (use gluten-free if you want)
600 – 700 ml / 2.5 – 3 cups water
2 large plums, diced
1-2 beets, grated
a large handful of organic raisins
a dash of ground clove (optional, replaceable with cinnamon)
a dash of turmeric + black pepper (optional, only for health benefits, not taste)
garnish : sliced plum, coconut chips

– add oats and water to a pot and bring to a boil. how much water you use depends on how runny you want the porridge. i like mine in a very runny, almost gruel-like consistency, but totally up to you. reduce the heat and add raisins, ground clove, plums, and half of the grated beet (adding the rest later makes the colour brighter. but you can of course add all at once if you want).
– simmer until wanted consistency, about 10 mins or so. add the rest of the beets.
– serve with sliced plums and coconut chips, or any other toppings you like.


what’s you favourite autumn breakfast ?

love // jenny


  1. Hvad hedder clove på svensk? Måske jeg så kan regne ud hvad det er…
    Godt I havde en dejlig dag. Ja, en god mand er guld værd:)))

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  3. Really enjoyed the Pink Power this morning! A nice light breakfast before starting off to the Düsseldorf Good Food Festival… i like to use a bit of almond milk though for extra creaminess!
    Thank you for being there and putting all the nice inspiration out there! I always try to find the time to try out more of your recipes so that I can integrate them into everyday life. Lots of love

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