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my favourite type of cooking : peeking into the fridge and salvaging the food that has seen better days.
some of my best creations have been thought up this way, by just using whatever ingredients you have at home. in sweden we call it cook a soup from a nail – basically being so inventive that you could even make a soup made of nothing but a nail taste nice.

this is one of those recipes. it’s a stretch calling it a chili i guess, since it’s actually made of refried beans, not whole beans. but i don’t really know what else to call it so there you go.


this recipe is one of those combination recipes that i love. taking two recipes that we like and mashing them together into epic tastiness.

in this recipe we’re using my refried beans recipe, and my ‘ the only tomato sauce you’ll ever need ‘ recipe. simply because that’s what i happened to have already in my fridge to cook with.

this is what’s so brilliant with food prepping, that you get a fridge filled with dishes to combine as you see fit.

to go with the chili, i’ve made some cauliflower ‘rice’ – a new obsession of mine. tried making it for the first time to use in a tex mex bowl last week, and it was a success !


spicy chili with cauliflower rice
serves 2

a handful of green beans, in smaller pieces
2 cups of the only tomato sauce you’ll ever need
1 cup refried beans ( the seasoned kind )
as much chili as you dare, use your favourite ( i used hot, dried chili flakes )
salt & pepper, to taste

cauliflower rice
0.5 small cauliflower head
juice from 1 small lime wedge
salt, to taste

serving suggestion
spinach or other salad greens
lime wedge
nutritional yeast ( of course )
chili flakes for extra hotness

– quickly sauté the green beans in some water in a large pot, with some salt and pepper.
– add the remaining chili ingredients and lett simmer on low-medium heat until the green beans have softened, and the flavours mashed together. flavour with more salt, pepper, and chili to your preference.
– in a food processor ( or blender if you don’t have a food processor ) add the cauliflower in smaller chunks, as well as the lemon juice, and quickly pulse until broken apart to crumbles. be careful not to overdo it, we don’t want it to become all mushy. season with salt. you can heat the cauliflower rice quickly if you want, but we quite like leaving it cold.
– serve with some green leafs, lime, nutritional yeast if you have it, and as much chili as you can take.


that’s all for now kiddos !

let me know if you try this recipe, or what type of leftovers you want me to create a recipe from.

have a good one ^^

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny, your recipe saved my cauliflower because I had absolutely no inspiration what to do with it – the first giant half already went into a curry and I didn’t wanna eat curry for another week. So, thanks from me and my cauliflower!

    It was absolutely delicious and it will definitely become part of my recipe-reservoir. I especially love that it is kind of surprising through the texture and mixture of salty/sweet/hot/sour – ah, having a new recipe just makes me happy!

    Enjoy your evening :)

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  3. I tried this at home and it was great! I cooked the refried beans mixture and the green beans together since I have not cooked refried beans before. I left out the tomato sauce because I need to keep the food for a few days and usually tomatoes make the recipes spoil faster but it was still great without it. Cauliflower with lime is love. Thank you, Jenny.

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