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that’s right, spring 2017 is here ! so let’s talk fashion.
what are the trends this season, and how can we incorporate our favourite trends into our outfits without is costing us a fortune ? i’m here to share my favourite trend styling tips, that you can achieve on a budget without a problem ! because trends come and go so quickly, let’s not let them bankrupt us.

in this video, i talk about my favourite spring trends ranging from statement earrings, to oversized silhouettes, to my favourite colours on clothing and makeup, to the headpiece we’re all going crazy for this season !

i think trends are great fun and i enjoy updating my look to make it modern and chic, at the same time as basic and in my own style. trends shouldn’t be followed, they should just be used as spice for your already gorgeous look. so let’s use what we have and only incorporate the trends that work nicely with our own aesthetic !

don’t know what your own personal style and aesthetic is yet ? we’ve made both a video and a whole podcast episode on the subject, feel free to check them out !

love // jenny

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  1. I love the Lavender color idea. Fresh and feminine. You look great in that bright pinky/red lipstick and peach/coppery eyeshadow.

  2. Gorgeous stuff! I can’t really see myself wearing much of this stuff, but I will look into the big earrings, the hair pins, and at least a *few* toned-down colours – promise :-)

  3. Hi Jenny! I made a blog just so I could upload photos. Maybe there was a easier way, but too late now. More pictures to come later, thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. My favourite trends which you presented in the video are greige and caps! I’m in the process of making some statement earrings as well. What’s more, only yesterday I bought some big earrings for almost no money so I will definitely rock that trend as well this spring.

  5. I have always loved mixing 2-3 different shades of gloss or lipsticks to achieve something unique:)

  6. It is wonderful to be here with everyone, I have a lot of knowledge from what you share, to say thank you, the information and knowledge here helps me a lot

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