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sorry for skipping last week’s podcast episode, we’re trying to get into something of a holiday mode and take it easy. it was heartwarming that so many of you got in touch and complained about our absence ^.^

in this episde we discuss how, why, and when it’s a good idea to let go of society’s norms and demands, and simple decide for yourself what your life should look like.

we talk about :
– why do we care so bloody much about what other people think !?
– what is an alternative lifestyle ?
– how do you know if you don’t fit in ?
– something we kind of hate : group mentality !
– being criticised for you lifestyle !
– creating yourself by going online ?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week is about the weird experience of listening to what all them super fit LA people talk about on their sunday afternoon hike !

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love // jenny & david


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these pics are taken at the home we’re staying in here in berlin. super lovely right ?


  1. More podcasts about this kind of topics, pls <3 SO inspirational. I need it

  2. What a wunderbar discussion. In society from day 1 we are implored to fit in with idiosyncratic groups no one truly molds into. It’s a romantic notion that we all fit in hunky dory and get along like merry sing-along pals. The reality you two have beautifully woven into your tapestry of life enables you to enter any situation with tabula rasa or an open mind. I too have felt ostracized by people who are firmly entrenched in these groups and value them like it’s their life blood. Let us dissolve these behaviors with better communication and acceptance. Thank you for addressing this :)

  3. Recently read a great article on this topic (, long story short: back in 50,000BC humans used to live in little tribes, and acting odd meant that you might get kicked out from this tribe. Which means that “humans evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others thought of them—a craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralyzing fear of being disliked”. And since our civilisation (societal structure) develops much faster than our silly brains (evolutionary biology) – we stayed this way and now have very irrational insecurities about what others think of us. Keeping this in mind has actually helped me a little :) Great podcast, thanks you two!

  4. You, guys are too cute together. I loved your conversation. I love you, because you speak from my heart. The way you feel about the different topics, like family, fitting in, dressing freedom etc. Is the exact way I feel about them, too. It is so nice to know, that I’m not alone. I think, I’ve always fitted in, but now as an adult, that’s not the fact any more. But maybe It’s because I live in an another country. And the truth is I’m tired of the different kind of people, I just prefer plants and animals. Although I feel some kind of lonelyness, I don’t need a group around me. Or maybe if I could just find a group like myself, I could deal with them, I’m not sure. For now It’s YouTube where I can find people like you who make me feel better about this shitty world we live in. Lots of love to you❤️

    • I feel you
      Which country did you move to? I moved to a different country and I can totally relate

    • I really can relate to what you say.
      I guess it s all in the balance. We need to exchange with people, to tell, to listen to new things.

      Maybe a group can’t offer it, but a 2 people conversation can. :)

      If you are an atmosphere person, maybe you can invite people to a place you feel great in (coffe or at home etc). For me it s really important to feel good with the place we meet so that we can interact a positive way :)

  5. Thank you for reminding about your podcast at the end of the youtube video, I almost forgot to check for a new episode

  6. The best tofu in Berlin is sold by a small Berlin coop at the Kollwitzplatz farmers market Thursday and Saturday, the coop is “Tofu Manufaktur” i believe. They have all kinds of smoked tofu, chilli smoked tofu sticks were my favs.

  7. Love your podcast! You guys make me smile. Would love a video on packing light, things you learned or packing mistakes in the past and tips for packing for a long trip.


  8. After every pod cast, I think “this is the best one yet.” LOL You are by far my most favorite people of whom I don’t know personally, yet I feel so close to. Thanks so much for doing these and your blogs and You Tube vids.

  9. Great rambling on about weird stuff ;) So entertaining, thank you. I observed similar things in LA and I am so glad you guys mentioned it. As an introvert I agree on not being into group mentality and luckily neither is my man. I like hanging out with one friend at a time which can be a time problem but I enjoy it so much more. Keep up the work and thanks again. I listen to you guys when I cook my vegan food and it´s like you guys are sitting at my kitchen table here in Kreuzberg!

  10. I feel you on the group mentality. it freaks me out. I get overwhelmed being around groups. Groups or cliques are judgmental af. If you don’t agree with them, they will attack you and kick you out. In groups you always have to tip toe around people. You are not allowed to think for yourself and have your own opinions. Your individuality is being attack, instead of celebrated and accepted.

  11. I am studying to be one of jehovahs witnesses. For the most part they are hated. Which for me is hard to understand because they are (for the most part, no one is perfect) nice people. We get ridiculed because we don’t celebrate certain holidays that ,through studying the Bible and history, are based on other religious holidays such as paganism and thus should not be celebrated by true christians. I mean I get it, that’s a hard pill to swallow but for me and other witnesses our integrity to God is more important to us than any holiday and we live respectively happy and fun lives without It. Many of Jehovahs guidelines and rules are put there for our protection. It’s like that line you where talking about. It’s there to regulate and create some kind of order in this scary and chaotic world we live in. On the other hand Jehovah loves our individual personalities and encourages his people to see the best in others no matter culture, race or nationality. But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself. Visite the website There is a search bar where you can type any questions you may have and In the right corner should be a bar that says English click on it and scroll down to find your mother tongue. If any Jehovah’s Witness comes to your door you can feel free to ask them any question too. A question you may have asked yourself could be; Why is the world such a scary place? The Bible gives us that answer. 1 John 5:9 reads “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” Maybe this is something you’ve never heard before. Eclesiastes 9:11 is good too. So I’ll leave you with this question and answer. What does the Bible promise for the future? Isaiah 25:8 reads “He will swallow up death forever, and the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces”. Sounds great right? But how and when will this happen? I encourage you to ask more questions and find the answers. Thank you for reading up till now and I hope you have a nice day. :)

  12. Loving David explaining what a Reuben is — a staple of vegan restaurants and literally at every diner here in the states. Y’all are just too cute.

  13. I just want to say I really love the podcasts because a lot of times I don’t have time to sit up and catch up videos but I can listen to you guys while I do my dishes, fold laundry, etc… it’s really comforting and cool!

  14. Your podcasts are making me think that wanting to move to Sweden might be the wrong choice for me in life but I’m going to graduate from uni in swedish and arabic languages so at least I’ve got choices
    Just kidding, I love swedish culture too much

  15. So enjoyed this! I have a great recipe for the Rueben you are talking about if you would like it!

  16. Cool episode! It’s always nice to hear you share your thoughts on topics like this, it makes me (and other people, I think) feel empowered in a way ! keep up with the good work :

    (PS : “paria” is actually a french word, I think it is a bit stronger than “outcast”, as in french we use it not so often (but it is usually found in literature, for example you would say that Fantine in Les Misérables is a paria, as she is rejected by society for having a child outside marriage and ends up having to sell her teeth and everything to survive, and no one cares and she dies alone in misery and pain and ladida… (happy french literature)…that’s what “paria” brings to my mind anyway. But I’m not sure what the word would be for someone who is just rejected, but like, not forever nor from everywehre, but just from a certain group, with a possibility of redemption so to say (aah it’s so difficult to explain something in another tongue, I’m sorry if it does not make sense, I hope you understood at least a part of what I wanted to say xD) (= a paria dies alone in suffering and shame and no one cares because everyone excluded him/her on purpose, an outcast just does not fit in and is seen as weird and avoided, but can eventually be accepted)

    Have a lovely week end! :)

  17. Hi !!
    Awesome podcast. I’m extravert, like to genuily come to people and speak to them. For me the best interaction can’t be a group. It’s not an exchange anymore, it’s group choregraphy. So I’ve got strategies to fullfill my social needs : – first : realize that we need to interact with others, we can avoid it for long but we will feel bad.
    – second : look for what type of interaction you fancy. Where you feel good with people. And try to make it happen. And if it can’t be an interaction like you want, remember strategy number 1 to cheer you up doing this.

    For me : I love the kind of talk you have with someone you just met, when you try to -without judgment- discover what he/she does here. Like asking questions like would do kids. And enjoy the sharing, and the silence.
    I love to make people feel at ease in a group, I love to introduce them to the dynamic.

    I guess those group mentality is just a bit of fear of doing a step outside. People who feel bad to just say sthing by themself or need to feel accepted for sure somewhere. And its okay. I mean it can be a good alternative for whom who feel uncomfortable with too much sharing and intimacy.

    Being frank (frank, not loudly telling your opinion to make the other feel bad) need twice courage : to look for what you stand for or against (ready to change your life on the go. So much insecurity) ; to feel good saying it (no fear of being redjected, and ok with the idea that some folk will judge).

    So I think its for everyone but maybe not at the same percent or at the same age. ;)

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