SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #11 | polenta, the night manager, adblock, eurovision

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here we go again !
a tired jenny and a tired david in this week’s episode. but it doesn’t matter, because we had a couple of days of totally relaxing right after we shot this, since it was david’s birthday last week yay !

so now we’re all zened out. and with big bellies, cause we ate so much yummy food.

like usual, in this episode we’re having our vegan breakfast, talking about this and that. ranting more like it actually ^.^

creative corner :
ooops, totally forgot creative corner this week !
sorry about that – our heads were a bit full that day ^.^

favourites :
david – bbc mini series the night manager
jenny – these gorgeous polenta squares. yum !


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love // jenny & david

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  1. This is always my favourite video of the week!
    And having said that, I’m totally on board with you guys taking it a little easier. Two videos a week are plenty :-)

  2. Hope you’re feeling more rested and enjoyed the birthday celebrations. Take care of yourselves and don’t burn out x

  3. I love those videos! It’s fun and so “different” from other Youtube channels I know!
    I don’t mind if you do “only” two videos a week. I would not like you to get burned out :)
    Finally isn’t this getting a bit more minimalist with Youtube?

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