SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #13 | robots are taking over + women without bras + being zen

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happy sunday kiddos !
new mustard breakfast mukbang – this week is all about organic phone cases, AI’s recreating blade runner, if it’s ok to not wear a bra, and finding a way to be all zen in the middle of a chaotic schedule.

let’s take a look !

creative corner :

favourites :
david & jenny – organika cases


today is a total chill day at mustard HQ. so chill in fact, that we still have no idea what we’re doing today. it will be good !

have a gorgeous sunday little ones, and see you soon ^.^

love // jenny & david

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  1. I don’t know, the idea of having robots taking over certain occupations and tasks that humans would complete kind of scares me, especially when taking away jobs that so many people would need to make money. I do like the idea of self-driving cars only if the manufacturers perfect it. Anyhow, this was so fascinating to listen to! I always love your Sunday Breakfasts!

  2. The fast-forward during the nerdy talk cracked me up!
    I’m way late to it this week but always love the Sunday breakfasts :-)

  3. Jenny and David, thank you so much for the feature!! It was such a great birthday surprise. Thank you for being inspiring and such lovely people. Much love <3 Bernadette

    • jennymustard

      was it your birthday ?? yay congrats !
      so funny that you emailed us about creative corner after we had already filmed it :))
      love x

      • Yeah, well it was close to it. June 13th. :) It was pretty hilarious! I literally said out loud, “Oh, oops! I didn’t need to email them about that anyway.” Thank you again! You both are so great. Much love

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