SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH THE MUSTARDS #15 | with special guest star – cheap lazy vegan

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hip hurray !
we are moving today guys ^.^

in just a few hours, david and i will be the proud inhabitants of a berlin flat of our own. it’s going to be empty, dark, and uncomfortable at first. no fridge, no bed, no nothing. but that’s the most romantic thing i know – to move into a new place and live without things sorted. like a clean slate, for real.

so we will keep you updated of our apartment adventures for sure, but until then – let’s watch the final sunday breakfast episode in the apartment we have been subletting for the last few months.

and for the first time ever, we have a guest star ! rose from youtube channel cheap lazy vegan was visiting berlin last week, so we invited her over to join our mukbang.

the food we’re eating in this video is a german vietnamese fusion thing. a bánh mì (vietnamese baguette) with sauerkraut and vegan bratwurst. it was ridiculously delicious !
we made a recipe video of the bánh mìs for rose’s channel, so go check out her video if you want to try to make them yourself. and you really should. because tasty.

creative corner :
honeybunch of onion tops

favourites :
david – flat peaches (yes, it’s a thing)
rose – cinque terre
jenny – sandals* from vegan shoe brand bourgeois boheme

*sponsored product


ok let’s get packing a move into our new place you guys !
wish us luck.

and don’t forget to check out rose’s video on how to make those gorgeous baguettes ^.^

love // jenny & david

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  1. First of all, congrats on finding a flat! So happy for you guys.

    Loved the video as always, and I’m definitely going to check out that YouTube channel.

  2. I’m a Scot who voted to leave the UK and then to remain in the EU. Think I might have to move to Berlin!!

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