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swedish spring, is there any time of year we could long for more ? after roughly 8 months ( ! ) of cold and darkness we are finally spotting the first little flowers pop up, and a few brave ones are starting to skip the scarves and mittens. no wonder swedes like to do a little spring cleaning to celebrate. we are certainly ready for the temperatures to finally rise and to clear all the junk that has been hiding beneath the snow. today’s video is all about how to get going with your spring cleaning 2018 – sweden style. here’s my 5  reasons to spring clean:

so what’s not to like : we get a clean and neat and tidy home where can easily both focus and relax, we get to save time and hassle, and get filled with that epically good clean-slate feeling. let’s help motivate each other, i would love to hear if any of these tips fit you and your home, and if not what are your tricks for a good spring clean ?

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny you are a cool lady. I like that you change by the way (I just listened to one of your latest podcast episodes and it made me laugh).
    Anyway, enjoyed this video!
    Simple, clean, and organized is the best to me too. Is it bad that every time I go to people’s homes here in the US, it seems like having knick knacks and clutter is acceptable and I hold my breath and try to ignore it but just want to clean their house for them?

  2. Gret video Jenny, thanks for sharing! My favourite spring cleaning tip is to try and keep things clean and organized all year round, so when the time comes it’s not such a big job.

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