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3 THINGS : food fun facts

you know i got mad love for veggies. and i think plants don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. so today i’m highlighting three amazing foods that all have different weird and wonderful unexpected skills. enjoy ! 1. seaweed seaweed might very well be the most […]

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HOW TO : vegan refried beans

if you saw my last video from this sunday, you already know that it’s time for the first episode my new vegan cookbook video extravaganza today ! 1 video every 2 days for two whole weeks – who’s popping popcorn ? in this video i’m making […]

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3 THINGS : healthy vegan snacks

as requested – this week’s video is all about healthy snacking ! 3 recipes for easy vegan snacks for when you’ve got those late night cravings for a treat. so put down that chocolate bar and try one of these instead ^^       […]

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