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how to make money online – a dream for many of you guys out there, and a lifestyle suitable for all you minimalists and nomads out there ! i totally understand where you’re coming from, i can assure you that it’s absolutely amazing to be […]

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it’s the money episode ! we talk about : – our love hate relationship with money ! – how much should you have ? – our own financial situation throughout the years ! – is money important ? – can you buy happiness ? – […]

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MINIMALISM: 10 money saving hacks

it’s time to get saving ! we all have our own personal dreams of what we wished we could spend more money on – traveling, interior design pieces, great food, moving to a new city. whatever you wish to save up for, we are here […]

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ETC : 10 money saving hacks

in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of creating that minimalist dream life is – learning how to stop wasting money on unnecessary things. in this video i share mine and david’s top tips for saving money, without the sadness and depressiveness of […]

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