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when it comes to food, don’t we all wish to keep a simple, healthy, quick and easy diet no matter who we are ? that sounds ideal, so how to maintain such a diet in real life? today i’m diving into this topic, trying to […]

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good morning ! let’s start fresh with a video on how to stop wasting time and simplify your lifestyle and routine. because we’ve all been there – putting things off and procrastinating, feeling like we’re stressing out instead of just getting to it. and since […]

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COLUMN : are you a minimalist ?

one of the things i appreciate about minimalism is that it’s a non-exclusive term. it’s not dogmatic. there are no leaders to meet. no manifestos you need to read, or groups you need to join. feel free to call yourself a minimalist if you want […]

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COLUMN : making good habits

i think we all find ourselves having trouble with this one from time to time – making good habits and sticking to them. knowing what’s good for us yet not quite managing to keep it up. maybe our energy levels aren’t high enough, or mood […]

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COLUMN : she speaks !!

another sunday – another video. but here are some news : i’ve bought a microphone so i’m moving on to talkies ^^ so this week’s video is a little personal introduction of what my hopes and intentions are with this blog and my youtube channel. enjoy […]

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