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ETC : 10 money saving hacks

in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of creating that minimalist dream life is – learning how to stop wasting money on unnecessary things. in this video i share mine and david’s top tips for saving money, without the sadness and depressiveness of […]

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3 THINGS : taking back your health

this video pretty much speaks for itself – 3 ways of getting your health back on track that has really worked for me. it’s basically all about helping yourself out by creating good habits. hope it can be inspiration for those of you who who […]

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ETC : my favourite vegan youtubers

if you’re into my youtube channel, but 2 uploads a week just isn’t enough for you – OR if you’re NOT into my channel and want some other suggestions – here are a few of my fav vegan youtubers for you to check out for more […]

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FOOD : my top 5 kitchen favourites

in this video i’m listing my top 5 kitchen favourites – things i think everyone should have at home, especially if you’re vegan. i use most of these ingredients almost every day, and my cooking just wouldn’t be the same without them. neither taste- nor […]

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