top 10 styling tips everyone needs to try

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i know it can be tricky to always feel beautiful and confident when leaving the house in the morning, so today i wanted to share my top 10 styling tips with you guys to help you get comfortable styling yourself in modern, sleek, and sometimes unexpected ways.  it’s all about expressing who you are and having fun with fashion, and getting the most out of the pieces your already have in your closet.

i talk about :
– is an a-line mini skirt the most flattering thing in the world !? yes, yes it is.
– wear it backwards !
– create shape with belts !
– the most essential accessory : the sunglasses !
– how to be modern – mix two contrasting styles !
– look luxe with a high waste !
– refuse to have 4 butt cheeks !
– how to do the inside-out style !?
– do it like the scandinavians : oversize everything !

we all deserve to feel great, and for me dressing myself in things i feel comfortable and beautiful in plays a big roll in that. so go have fun in that wardrobe !

oh and go get more style inspo from my new favs – studio 86 !

also guys, help !! my hair !
keep it or chop it !?

love // jenny

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  1. Since you grew your hair that long already, how about growing longer and enjoy long haired Jenny for a while? You can cut it anytime anyway. You’ll look cute in either ways :)

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