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i’m an impatient being. it’s one of my personality flaws. if i want something, i want it now – no waiting is acceptable.

in sweden we have a saying – one who waits for something good, never waits too long. i’ve always found that to be bullshit. if you wait for something good, you always wait too long.

my impatience gets especially noticeable when it comes to things that require developing. learning a new language, growing your own veggies, building a strong body at the gym. there are no shortcuts here. and here i am, maybe the biggest fan of shortcuts that ever lived.

in both my work and personal life, there are a number of those instances – things that require time to develop. i get bored with them. and chances are i’ll quit before long, once i realise that progress is slower than expected.

to my own surprise though, i’ve recently started to notice that i’m slowly getting better at handling the slowness of things. don’t know why that is, but i’m suspecting that it has to do with me being ever more content with where i’m at for each year that passes.

the other week, when i was getting impatient for one reason or another, a weird phrase just popped into my mind from nowhere – trust the process bro.
i have no idea where it came from, it felt very uncharacteristic for me. especially using the word bro. but hey, there’s a first time for everything !

ever since then, the phrase keeps popping up. i hear it all the time. kind of like when you get stuck on a song or a melody, you know? you can’t stop unconsciously humming it, try as you might. I’m now walking around humming to myself to trust the process. bro.

i must have read or heard or accidentally stumbled upon this sentence somewhere. and it must have somehow gotten stuck. whenever i get impatient or stressed out though, it pops up again. and it strangely enough calms the fuck out of me. i snicker, and take a breath, and feel good about just that – being in a process. of learning to stick it out for the long-run. of trusting in my own capability and perseverance.

now, i think i might appreciate that swedish saying a little bit better. not because the thing you wait for is so good that it’s worth the wait. but because the wait in itself isn’t always all that bad. if we’re lucky, it’s filled with progress, anticipation, dreams, and that tingling sense of eagerness.

so i intend to enjoy the actual sense of progress, anticipation, and striking expectations.
and of course, as much as i can, to trust the process.

love // jenny

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  1. It’s so funny I was just thinking the same thing about myself this past week, impatience is my biggest flaw. I have to remind myself that my progress may be slow, but I’ve accomplished a lot of the things I’ve wanted. Some people never take the chance or get the opportunity to accomplish their goals and dreams, so I need to just appreciate how far I’ve come and trust that I will get to where I want to be.

  2. As an actor and creator, I have to constantly remind myself of this. Although, it usually comes out as “ride the wave”. If I continue to just focus on the work, things will naturally ebb and flow. It’s just not beating myself up in the meantime that’s the hard part!

  3. I always say that impatience is my biggest weakness, so I definitely relate to you there, Jenny :-)

    Trusting the process is a great reminder. I’ve also found it helpful to enjoy the path, in other words not to just impatiently wait for the goal to happen but to celebrate all the little steps along the way and feel good about myself *during* the process.

  4. I certainly know the feeling of not wanting to wait any longer until you have the thing you want. However I realized that simply trying to go with the flow of the development of something can be really nice too. Not worrying about the result too much will relax you and due to the changed attitude you may actually enjoy the process needed.
    Even though the longing for something can be strong, whatever it is might not be that important overall. So just trust the process and there’s more space for other things in your brain :) Furthermore, if one keeps thinking about things that lie in the future, you cannot be present in the actual moment and enjoy what is now.

    x, Anova

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