VLOG : ‘jenny is a super hero’ | moët beach party

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here’s a little vlog we shot last week. we were supposed to go to hamburg for the weekend, as you might know, but plans change. plans always change a lot in this industry actually, so we’re learning to go with the flow.

instead we went to a lot of apartment viewings, so many that they’re sort of a blur in my mind actually. one day i’ll tell you all about it.

refinery 29 launched in germany last week, so we went to their rooftop party in kreuzberg which was really chill. last week’s weather was so gorgeous – summer in berlin really is magical !

we also got a lot of work done last week – editing, shooting, planning, discussing, meeting people. all-in-all a superb work week.

and we finished it off with a beach party ! moët and chandon threw a kind of crazy afternoon party on a lake in kurfürstendamm. they actually had people there just to sit on swings, play mini tennis, and walk around being happy and pretty. very a midsummer night’s dream, it was totally beautiful. and they even had some vegan food for us, which is always appreciated.

i’m almost relieved hamburg didn’t happen, because that was one busy week !
and besides – hamburg isn’t going anywhere.

love // jenny

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