we are moving to a new country ( again ) !

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yep, we are moving. once again we have decided to pack our belongings and move to another country. did you see it coming ?
i know, i know, i’m completely hopeless. too bloody restless !
question is – where are we moving to ? it’s finally been decided !!

i talk about :
– why we are leaving berlin !
– is berlin the rudest city ever !?
– where we are moving to, london or tokyo ?
– how we made our decision ?
– what is the grasshop concept ?
– and the ex-boyfriend concept !?
– we need your help !

luckily for us, working online makes it possible to continue this kind of digital nomad lifestyle. it’s an incredible freedom to be able to bring your job with you wherever you want to move, and i’m super grateful for that. and you know, it’s all because of you guys … yada yada yada ( insert sentimental feels ).
but seriously, thank you for being a big ass support system, you guys are the best !

love // jenny

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  1. Good luck in London. I would love to hear details about that. How do you plan and execute moving to an other country? That seems to be a real challenge.

  2. I think that the greatest reason is that you didn’t wait long enough to learn the language. Personally, it took me six years to learn the language to C1 level, have deep conversations and really connect with people. For years I was only at work or at home, alone. It takes time and experience, not only effort (I know you were putting in the effort, too).

    Now I feel at home here in Stuttgart, participate in a couple of local clubs and organisations and try to have a positive impact on the community and environment. There is no hope for my home country, but for Germany there still is, even though it has sooo many problems.

    Nevertheless, I love London, it is one of my favorite cities, go there every or every other year and therefore am sure that you will enjoy your time there! All the best!

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