WHAT IS FIKA? (the new swedish online trend)

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what is fika ? another one of the scandinavian words and concepts that has just taken over the lifestyle blogs and youtube vids – just like lagom and hygge !
well, basically it’s like the cosy swedish version of a coffee break. but more than that it a way to socialise with your co-workers, friends and family. we drink coffee, we eat some sandwiches or cinnamon rolls ( yum ) and we chitchat about the small things in life ( leave your political opinions at the door ! )

and all this takes place in the fikarum ( fika room ). an office is not an office without one. a lot of stuff goes on there, and if you’re unlucky – there might be some embarrassing or uncomfortable situations, if your colleagues are not exactly PC… in the fika room, we should respect the cinnamon rolls enough to keep things civilised !

anyway, besides from explaining the concept, i’m also in this video sharing my 5 rules of fika !
learn them and try having a hygge fika moment in your own home or workplace.

if you have no idea what lagom or hygge is, i’ve explained these other non-translatable terms in the videos below !
what is lagom ?
what is hygge ?

love // jenny

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