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this really seems to be something you guys are super curious about – what is it really like to work as an influencer, having social media as a full time job !?

we asked you in instagram to hit us with your best questions, so here we go – a double Q&A episode where we spill the beans on what blogger life is really like.

we talk about :
– how do we make money ?
– our best tips on how to grow your following !
– what does our friends and family say about our job ?
– how long did it take to make a career out of it ?
– how to find brands to work with ?
– is it annoying to always share your life and never be private ?
– how we handle trolls and haters !
– is it weird to meet ‘fans’ on the street that know all about us ?!?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week is actually jenny who remembers the frightful morning she woke up half-naked in bed with a strange noise coming from the hallway… !

you can listen to us here below, on acast, itunes, or most other places they have podcasts.
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love // jenny & david

part one :

part two :

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i’m wearing :
nün bangkok top* & trousers*
kohel kimono*
jane kønig earrings*
vegan sandals* from vagabond

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  1. Kajsa Horner

    Thank you for this episod! Especially for the tip “just be yourself”! And WOW, you look AMAZING Jenny!!!

  2. Hey Jenny :3 Great post as always!

    Just a small, tiny, thing: down below, on the left side of your website, it says “Copyright C 2015 Jenny Mustard”, and I believe it should say 2017. :P

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Do you think lookbook.nu is what really launched your fame, Jenny? I remember following you way back in ’09 or so on that site. Or do you think it was a collective of a bunch of platforms?

  4. Erika Middleton-Sharpe

    Thank you so much for this podcast! You are the most helpful influencers I’ve discovered and I am inspired by your lifestyle as well as your tips. Thank you thank you, much love from New York!

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  7. Thank you Jenny and David, for your extreme generosity to share all this great information on your experiences in dealing with building an ethical & sustainable business using social media. Deeply appreciated!!

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