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guess what ? it’s my birthday this wednesday, and i’m turning no less than 33 this year ! how cool is that ? unfortunately most of us seem to dread everything that has to do with getting older, but why ? honestly i have never felt better and that feeling seems to just continue year after year ! so here they are, the reasons why i loved turning 30 !

i talk about:

  • feeling like an adult !
  • realising that adults are just grown up kids !
  • how i’ve never felt more beautiful !
  • confidence – actually feeling capable like a boss !
  • being comfortable in my own body !
  • how i realized nobody can mess with me !
  • realising how little i care about what others think !

how do you guys feel about aging, do you also feel like that professional 30-something or are you a hormone-crazed teenager still ? maybe you’re already retired and loving it, or are you a 20-something trying to figure life out ? looking forward to hearing all about your thoughts on aging babes ! 

love // jenny

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  1. I love being in my 30s too. I’m 34. I will say that my body changed for the first time two years ago and I am adjusting to that. I was always very tiny and gained twenty pounds so it is weird to have breasts and have a more shapely body. I am not used to it at all. I work out and am a vegetarian but I guess this is just how my body will be. It is true that I don’t look twelve anymore and people aren’t asking me if I am my sons’ babysitter now (I have 11 and 9 year old boys).

    Loved your video and I agree quite a bit with what you said.
    I also love the whole not caring and enjoying being unlike most people. I feel like I was more easily hurt by not being accepted by peers in my twenties while now I am more comfortable and say, “Oh well.”

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