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“the mustards” – kind of sounds like we’re married right ? well we’re not ! nor do we have any plan to seal the deal anytime soon.
rings, dresses, wedding planners, venues, music, food, and wedding vows – there’s so much to carefully consider, and it will take both money and time to construct a ceremony, dinner, and party that fits us. because when we really become the mustards for real, we want the day to reflect us as people to a tee.

money, time, energy, and wisdom : that’s what it will take to make sure to get married in a way that isn’t just the cookie cutter, traditional way. not that there’s anything wrong with traditional – it just isn’t us. plus, as i mention in the video, i like to suck on my candy instead of chewing on it. are you the same ?

if you want to know how we met, you should check out our storytime video on our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS, you can go watch and give us some love here.

and remember, no matter if we’re talking marriage or any other topic, it’s your life and you decide how to do things – even if your friends, family, co-workers, or society in general seem to have a big problem with how you go about things. do you thing !

love // jenny

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  1. Awe, how sweet! I’m married but I think when I was younger I was a biter and now I am a sucker. Love ❤️ the way you look at life. Keep up the good work!

  2. I feel that nowadays it’s “too easy” to get married… Not everybody truly considers it and the ceremony, which is supposed to be held as something serious ends up completely losing its meaning… I’m glad to see you guys taking it seriously as you do and showing how important it is to live your own life regardless of the opinions of society :)

    wish you guys the best!

  3. Thanks SO much for sharing your photo tips!! It has been awesome! Thanks again!
    PS: Great pics and great blog! You’re awesome!

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