ETC : our bucket list

fun fun fun ! dreaming about all the things you want to happen before it’s time for the grave, is there a better way to spend an afternoon ? our bucket list might be a bit more boring than most people’s since we’re like the […]

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INTERIOR : getting organised

another week, another little apartment update ! we’ve got our little home office corner properly sorted – and i feel more organised by the minute. quite gorgeous right ? i’m a bit relieved because i was worried about whether they would all work together since […]

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BEAUTY : my boyfriend does my makeup

because why not ? it’s just a fun experiment to see how it would turn out if someone tries it, who’s never done his own or anyone else’s makeup before. i for one think david did really good. well, up until the eyeliner part… we […]

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INTERIOR : sleeping situation

time for a little apartment update, don’t you think ? we’re planning to shoot our next episode in our ‘apartment tour‘ video series soon, but why not show you a few snaps of how our bedroom is coming along. after a few weeks on the […]

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