FOOD : my meal plan for the week #3

a new kind of meal plan post – this time with video ! otherwise it’s just as usual : vegan, healthy, cheap, and time-saving. not to mention delicious of course ^.^ so i know it’s thursday and that might be a weird timing to upload […]

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COLUMN : perfectionist vs progressionist

are you a perfectionist ? i’m not. sure i have some perfectionist tendencies, but i prefer seeing it as striving for progression rather than perfection. i’ll never be perfect, no matter how hard i try. i’m not a machine, i’m a natural being. and nature […]

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FASHION : safari chic saturday

on saturday we wen’t to an event hosted by H&M – a rooftop concert to be precise. it was such a beautiful night and we had a great time ! we took a few pics when we were there, will edit them and show you […]

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