COLUMN : eating like a minimalist

first of all, it’s not about eating less. for me, it’s about eating well. high quality food, that has as little an impact on the environment as possible. deliciously pleasurable food, that at the same time is good for my body. simple food with few […]

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RECIPE : chai spice mix

we made this video last year, and the recipe is in my new vegan cookbook ! this chai spice mix is so lovely in autumn and winter, served on a cup of hot oat milk, as an early-morning or late-night treat. but it’s of course […]

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RECIPE : super salsa

in this video i’m not only showing you how i make my crazy simple and zesty fresh salsa – one of my favourite snacks – i’m also talking a bit about making good habits and adjusting your tastebuds. this is an incredibly interesting subject in […]

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3 THINGS : food fun facts

you know i got mad love for veggies. and i think plants don’t always get the appreciation they deserve. so today i’m highlighting three amazing foods that all have different weird and wonderful unexpected skills. enjoy ! 1. seaweed seaweed might very well be the most […]

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we’re already a few days into october, time really is flying ! september was great, but i’m ready for new adventures. so here’s my monthly column as usual, with my hopes and inspirations for the new month. hopes – as you might know, we’ve just […]

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COLUMN : fake meat – yay or nay ?

i don’t know how many times i’ve been asked this question. ‘do you eat fake meat ?’ and when i reply that ‘yes, sometimes i do’, the usual response is about it being weird that vegans eat fake meat, because why would we want to eat […]

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