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10 reasons i’m happy.

the berlin summer. few things can beat it. people are actually smiling in the streets – not something you’d see in february, that’s for sure.

having a matching set of rain coat + rain cap. never thought the day would come. berlin summer rains – bring it on !

my partner. working with david on a hefty bunch of both thrilling and daunting projects at the moment. i feel productive, creative, filled with ideas, love for my job. and still i’m…

…surprisingly stress-free. i’m on a roll, things actually go smoothly and i’m not running around with a thumping heart.

dreaming of trips to be taken. i have so many destinations on my to-travel-to list, and we’ve just booked a trip to copenhagen.

cry to me – solomon burke

having lovely friends. even though it’s hard to admit sometimes, it’s definitely good to take breaks from work and just hang out with your mates.

iced chai latte. you heard me. if you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out.

not hating the gym. oh how i’ve struggled to find a way of working out that doesn’t mentally kill me with boredom or frustration. but i’ve done it – a workout routine that both my body and i kind of enjoy.

ignoring negativity. i’m staying clear of all the drama and nonsense. zen-jenny is here to stay. ( well, fingers crossed. )

love // jenny

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i’m wearing :
stutterheim raincoat and cap
( press sample )


  1. I love smiling faces too! Summer brings all colors and positivity from the people and summer…do I need to say more?

  2. Love these pics! Wowie zowie. Never has a raincoat looked so cool. Thanks for the tips. You are an inspiration. You have revved me up to move forward with positivity. Bye bye haters. We shall conquer!

  3. Lovely rain gear!! Your blog and youtube are on my top ten of why I’m happy :D

  4. Haha so you managed the accidental iced chai idea!
    Looking forward for your recipe.

  5. WOW thank you for making this list! your blogs never fail to inspire me. I made my own list and I am so happy with it!

  6. These artistic photos makes me happy. And also iced coffe season because it’s summer. Also Disney songs, which bring back my childhood.
    Petra xx

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