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here are my 10 best and EASY zero waste tips for beginners, to reduce the amount of trash and plastic we are throwing in the bin. yes, today i give you one of my most highly requested videos. i must admit i have been reluctant to speak about this issue as i’m not even close to accomplishing a zero waste lifestyle myself. but after my collab with youtuber lavendaire last week, where we also recorded a podcast touching on the subject of zero waste, i got so inspired by aileen and her attitude that i felt motivated to finally bring this one up.
ready, set go :

bare in mind that i’m still not a pro when it comes to this, so please share your own tips and tricks with me in the comments !
together, let’s make the planet a bit less trashy, shall we ?

love // jenny

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  1. Hey Jenny :) I just started blogging and I must say that you were one of my biggest inspirations! I really love your blog and I would love if you could check mine out!
    Lots of love from Portugal <3

  2. Great Tips! My favorite Tip: eat Ice cream in a cone not in a cup or bring your own cup. :D
    For more Information and minimalist easy tricks, follow the queen of zero waste – Bea Johnson.

  3. Hey Jenny, do you have any vegan cookbooks in English? Please let me know, Thanks. Also, you and David are TOPPEN!!!

  4. Amazing article. I am so impressed. I think you have a great knowledge especially while dealings with such subjects.

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