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one thing i would say i am reeeeally good at, and that is being on time. today i’m bringing you my best hacks for saving that precious thing called time. i’m an expert at staying away from procrastinating, and i’m always on the look out for time thieves. if you want to get things done in life – time efficiency is key. in this video i’m talking about everything from saying no, to toilet time multi-tasking ! 

do you use any of these methods as well ? i’d love to hear your creative little time hacks.
also, do share your main procrastination problems ! when do you lose time ? i think most of us have that one special thing we do everyday that is really time-wasting but oh so enjoyable. let’s allow ourselves some time wasting too, it’s just healthy ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. Toilet time? Interesting. I think have groceries delivered make sense unless you are a control freak.
    I also like the wardrobe tip and I ditched the TV long ago.
    My time wasting activity is bouncing around online when I should be doing something else.
    Love your style ;-)

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