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we all know we should make an effort to eat local and seasonal food. but guys how easy is it when “local” means ice-cold sweden, and “seasonal” at the moment means ice-cold sweden too ! ^^

one of the quite few things we in sweden can eat this time of year that hasn’t been frozen or grown on the other side of the world is the lovely beetroot. but overcooking and lack of imagination can easily turn this beautiful ingredient into something that feels like you would only ever eat in a siberian prison.

therefore i thought i’d make this week’s sunday video about reinventing the wonder that is beets ! and i’m doing that by sharing no less than 3 recipes. and oh did i mention they’re all raw ? perfect to get into the spring mode.

beetroot pesto nori rolls recipe:
1 large beetroot, peeled
1 dl (about 0.4 cup) cashews, soaked
2 garlic cloves, chopped
chili flakes, after taste
salt and pepper
nori roll:
1 batch beetroot pesto
3 sheets nori, cut in half
a handfull of spinach
1 spring onion
1/3 cucumber, julienned

– grate the beetroot in a food processor
– add the rest of the pesto ingredients
– spread the pesto on a piece of nori, add a little of the other ingredients, and roll tightly
– serve as is, or with light soy sauce


beetroot pasta with avocado and kale recipe:
1 large beetroot, peeled
1 avocado
1 garlic clove, chopped
oregano, after taste
1 tsp lemon juice
a handfull of kale, roughly chopped
salt and pepper

– make noodles of the beetroot using a spiralizer or grater
– mash the avocado and add lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper. add on top of the pasta
– massage the kale with some salt for a few minutes until dark green and soft. add to plate and enjoy !


beetroot nice cream recipe:
1 beetroot, peeled
2 bananas, sliced and frozen
3 dl (about 1.25 cup) of frozen berries (i used raspberries and black currant, but any berries will do)
pinch of turmeric
pinch of dried mint leaves
1 tbsp shredded coconut

– grate the beetroot in a food processor
– add the remaining ingredients, except the shredded coconut, and blend until smooth. you can add a little bit of plant milk if your processor is having a hard time mixing the banana
– pour onto a plate and top with shredded coconut (even tastier if lightly toasted in a dry pan first)


hope you can get some sunday inspiration from these recipes, and let me know if you try any of them out.
ok i’m off for a walk in the sun now, happy sunday peops xx

love // jenny



  1. Rödbeta är gott och sött! Men jag vill ändå tillägga att man bör vara försiktig med hur mycket man äter per måltid. Jag har varit dum nog att dricka för mycket rödbetsjucie härom sommaren. Körde ner en påse i juciemaskinen, kanske 5-6 st, och drack upp allt på en gång. Efter en kort stund mådde jag fruktansvärt dåligt. Var sjuk i ca 2 timmar. Jag ska inte gå in på detaljer men jag kände mig förgiftad. Sen såg jag i René Voltaires juciebok att man bör vara försiktig med rödbeta, max 1 st i jucien blandat med annat. Jag har inte ätit rödbeta sedan dess men nu kan jag tänka mig att prova igen. Dina recept verkar jättegoda. Tack!

  2. Har slet ikke fået sagt tak for tippet om at bruge avocado sammen med rødbede. Har lavet det mange gange siden jeg så det her og elsker virkelig denne kombination. Fx bagt en kikærtepandekage, smurt den med moset citron-avocado, fyldt op med groftrevet rå rødbede og strimlet grønt (sprød salat eller kål) og drysset med valnødder. Rullet det hele sammen og MUMS ^-^

  3. Beet Root Ice Cream. How totally strange and delightful! The changes I made- I used frozen cherries(unsweetened) that I had instead of berries, but only half as many.as called for. I think the beet was sweeter than the cherries! I added about 2 T of yogurt for liquid. I also added, after tasting, a dollop of peanut butter. Not really because it needed it, but the last time I made ice cream this way with bananas. it had it, and I missed that background, almost heavy, flavor that really complements the coconut. A winner! Just don’t drip it on your white tee-shirt!

  4. I tried the pasta! It was so great for such few ingredients! I added cayenne pepper to the avocado and i presume you put the raw garlic in the avocado too (i think there is a typo and its missed out what you do with it)… such a lot of flavour for a simple recipe. :)

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