3 THINGS : food fun facts

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you know i got mad love for veggies. and i think plants don’t always get the appreciation they deserve.
so today i’m highlighting three amazing foods that all have different weird and wonderful unexpected skills. enjoy !


1. seaweed
seaweed might very well be the most weird and fun of all the plant superheroes !
it’s like the dark leafy greens of the sea, with fibre, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. for example, it has a lot of iodine, which is great for us vegans, since plants normally don’t contain too much of this mineral. (just don’t overdo it with seaweed, too much iodine is just as bad as too little.)

but except for being a generally healthy little fella, seaweed has an ace up its sleeve. it can actually protect us from radiation, heavy metals and other toxins. the protection comes both from the minerals binding the receptors in the thyroid making the toxins unable to hurt it, and from – here’s the really cool part – gelatinous (like slimy gel) agents mopping up the toxins and safely moving it out of our bodies the old fashioned way. how incredible is that ?

so whether you’re worried about radiation or heavy metals in general, or you’re going on a long flight (which will expose you to radiation), include a small amount of seaweed in your daily diet. or maybe you know someone going through radiation therapy ? tell them to ask their doctor about getting some seaweed protection.

quick and easy recipe tip :
add a tablespoon of dried wakame and a teaspoon of miso paste to a small bowl. pour hot water over the seaweed and stir until the miso has dissolved. give it a taste and add more miso if needed. serve as a side dish to any meal, or have as a snack in between meals.


2. beans
it seems like the number one most important thing in the diet of older people might be beans. the one type of food that appears to be the best predictor of the longevity of older people (how long they will live) is how much legumes (beans, peas, lentils) they eat every day. the less beans the faster we die – the more beans the longer we live. it’s simple !

beans also happen to be one of the yummiest things we can eat in my book. they’ve got a bad rep though, so i feel like it’s time for a bean revival. show some love for them beans and go boil some straight away !

quick and easy recipe tip :
cook chickpeas according to the packet. when soft – serve hot (minus the cooking water) with a sprinkle of sea salt, and optionally garlic powder and nutritional yeast. the perfect snack !


3. green tea
now, we already know that green tea is good for us (i’m having some as we speak). it’s filled with antioxidants, alkaloids, vitamins and minerals, and it keeps us hydrated. but none of those are the reason green tea is on this list today.
it’s on the list because green tea has decided to have the most odd superhero power ever – to be the world’s greatest mouth wash !

yeah i’m serious. swooshing your mouth with green tea hasn’t only been shown to be a more effective protection against plaque and cavities than regular mouthwash, it’s also safer, since a number of the generic mouthwash brands contain a DNA-damaging substance, ouch ! plus – green tea is way cheaper. win, win, win.

recipe suggestions :
my cold steeped green iced tea
my green tea noodle soup


ok that’s it for this 3 things edition !
do you have any request for future 3 things posts ? let me know !

if you want more food fun facts, i recommend nutritionfacts.org – videos and articles about anything nutritional related, based solely on scientific studies.

and as usual, you don’t have to take my word for any of these facts – do your own research always !
i do my best to fill this blog with helpful and correct information, but i might get something wrong too from time to time.
and if you have any medical issues, always ask your doctor before changing your diet. makes sense right ?

love // jenny

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