3 THINGS : you can do with a scarf | styling tips

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hi guys !

you always ask me to do style videos, so here goes. 3 things that you can do with a scarf.
the first two are tops, and the third one is just tied around my head.

i hope you like this new video !

jennymustard3thingsscarf2 jennymustard3thingsscarf1c

see you soon !

love // jenny

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  1. Absolutely loved this, your whole outfit was gorgeous- great music too:) I for one, this it’s wonderful you and I get to live in a culture to dress as we please and dress for ourselves.

  2. Hi Jenny! Thx for the video. I love your ideas, I am wearing the same thing on my head, but doing it from a shirt.
    Just one question out of topic. I’m having allergy to cosmetics these days and I would love to try some vegan, natural products. Do you mind sharing with us the name of foundation you use? It looks gorgeous on you and I would like to try the brand’s product to see how my skin reacts to it. Thank you a lot.

  3. I love your style, and even more, your unique freedom of expression that we in the USA greatly value.

  4. Margaret Webb

    As always Jenny ~ you’re just so much fun :) Love the first idea. I use scarves a lot and had not thought of using the belt as an “anchor” point! I shall use this in my wardrobe for sure.
    Love to you in Berlin!!
    PS- great article on Berlin in VegNews Feb 2016 print magazine-web link:http://vegnews.com/

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