3 THINGS : you should do for the person you love today

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it’s midsummer – the second most important holiday in sweden, and the hot berlin summer is making me feel all romantic. i’m in love, what can i say.

and i want to do it right, i want to always be all-in when it comes to my relationship to david. so i want to remind myself of what i want to mean to him, be for him, give him. and perhaps that might work as a reminder to some of you too, to treat our loved ones as the treasures they are.

1. tell them you love them
no, it’s not enough to show it – it also has to be said.

2. show them you love them
no, it’s not enough to say it – it also has to be shown. i’m talking small gestures here, the little details in our often hectic, everyday lives.

it can be something cheesy like flowers. a spotify playlist of songs that remind you of them ( aka the modern equivalent to a mix tape). run them a bath and hand them a glass of champagne to enjoy while you cook for them. laugh with them at jokes that only the two of you understand.

see when they’re tired. listen to what they’re telling you. ask them things. be curious of who they are. allow them to change and grow.

in other words – be generous, considerate, curious, and encouraging. they are worth it.


3. enjoy them
enjoy being a part of their life by doing things together. nothing is better for a relationship than exploring and experiencing things together. to have seen the same places at the same time. it makes us bond and gives us the feeling that we are sharing one life, not just quest-starring in each other’s separate lives. i know a lot of people say that it’s important to have rich separate lives outside of the relationship. i guess it depends on your dynamic, but i’ve never felt the need for rich life separate from david. i prefer sharing just the one.

maybe you don’t have a loved one ?
of course you do, you have yourself. go treat yourself like a treasure.

love // jenny

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  1. This is such a beautiful post. I feel similarly about having a big life outside of your partner. I’m really happy with the life I have with my partner and I love when she gets involved with the things I’m interested in. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.


  3. Lovely post! I always try to do the things you wrote, it is very important to make your other half feel secure and loved.

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