A VERY MUSTARD XMAS #17 | ‘hygge’ – the new internet trend you need to know about

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welcome to A VERY MUSTARD CHRISTMAS – an advent calendar in the shape of early morning videos, with one new episode every single morning up until christmas !

that’s right, we’ve taken on the almost epic challenge of creating one video for each of the first 24 days of december. we must be crazy. our mission – to serve you up a cup of the most christmasy sweet and cozy videos we could think of, with everything from christmas movies, holiday book tips, yummy vegan christmas food and sweet treats, and tips on how to survive consumerist mayhem as a minimalist.

this episode is all about the new internet trend word – probably the future favourite instagram hashtag of food bloggers and interior design lovers everywhere !

HYGGE – a danish concept summarising the nordic folk soul in a single word. we have a word with the same meaning in swedish (mys), but it’s the danish version that has been taking off lately. the closest english translation i can think of would be ‘cosy’ or ‘cosiness’ – that intimate atmosphere of goodness and loveliness. whenever you get goosebumps from the pleasantness of your surroundings, that’s hygge.

there’s a reason why we scandinavians are so into interior design and beautiful homes. we get taught to create hygge already as babies. so my recommendation for everyone out there would be this : let’s have a little bit of hygge feeling every day. let’s make an effort to create that feeling of peace, calm, luxury, and cosiness. it’s christmas after all !

my advent calendar’s got it all. 24 little christmas spirit bringing videos to make you feel good and start the day with all them jinglebell-feelings. we hope that you’ll love watching them as much as we’ve loved making them.

if you did like this video and the idea of a video advent calendar, it would mean the world to me if you’d give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. and maybe write me a little xmas-feeling filled comment !

love // jenny

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our swedish friend mean-girl sue that we love catching up with each christmas ^.^
cats – can it get more hygge than that ?


  1. love this jenny and your words on the topic!
    i’ve been reading about hygge a fair bit recently since its essence is basically my life philosophy. there’s this great book by louisa thomsen brits called ‘hygge’. i think you’ll appreciate it! much love and merry weekendings, kyra.

  2. In Ireland you rent furnished places, and most of them are cluttered and hideous :-) But I try to get the house as “hygge” and minimalist as possible! With varying success, haha.

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  4. Ádelle Dandridge

    Wow Jenny! You were really inspired in this one. You almost made me cry. That’s why I can miss one of your videos, this focus on pleasure, self love and intentional life of yours is something you’re helping me to build for myself. Thank you for your guidance and adding to our lives.

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